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The financial world is experiencing a crisis that is very reminiscent of that of 2008 due to its trend: when the market suddenly eliminates liquidity, small financial institutions begin to fail, forcing governments to intervene economically to save them, by printing money and increasing public debt. A dog chasing its tail.

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If a bank goes bankrupt, customers' money vanishes, and they will not be able to withdraw it from the branches in time. This is centralization: if the bank makes money from your money, it doesn't recognize anything, on the contrary it asks you to pay commissions, if it loses, it keeps your money.

Hive drastically solves the problem, allows you to manage your capital freely, allows you to earn significantly if you choose to keep your $HBD$0.990 and $HIVE$0.328 in the blockchain, locking them for a certain time (3 days HBD and 12 week HP). This mechanism serves to make the network more secure and ensures a balance in the system.

The rewards we receive are not free money but a prize for your contribution to the growth of Hive: transactions and operations carried out on the network such as voting, post publication, comments, are essential for the blockchain. So nothing is given as truly free but all our rewards are deserved and proportionate to our capital.

The banks out there are feeling the pressure of the recession, and they force you to live in fear that sooner or later your money will no longer be yours. Here at Hive, you are guaranteed $HBD$0.990 to pay off well above the average rate of inflation with a 20% APR%! Furthermore, no one will ever be able to block your $HBD$0.990, each user is the sole owner of their wallet and you can manage it 24/24h, 7/7days!

$HBD$0.990 is risk free?

No one in the world can guarantee you the security of the custody of your capital. Even keeping money at home carries a risk threshold, probably higher. $HBD$0.990 is proving to be much more reliable than other stablecoins with exponentially higher caps yet the $1 peg has been much more stable.

Things for $HBD$0.990 will get more and more interesting and Hive Savings will increasingly be the best place to store your money.

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