SEED will sprout in the next bull market!

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

If you are selling SEED in this latent phase of the market, you may regret the choice already in the next bullrun, which is expected in the next year, generally after a few months from the BTC halving, barring pleasant surprises. I agree with you when you think that this phase of the market is boring and apparently not very productive but the experts will tell you that it is in this phase that you should make your moves.


At the moment SEED has a value close to the purchase value at the time of the launch of the @seed-treasury project equal to 1$ or $HBD$0.987, but I remind you that in the acute phase of the bullish market it exceeded 4$ dollars, with a growth of over 400%. Since the value of SEED grows as the value of the coins managed by @empoderat increases and which you can monitor at any time here.


At the time of writing this post, the wallet contains $141k worth of crypto, bringing the current value of 1 SEED to $1.41 (in total there are 100k SEEDs in circulation). The bottom of Bitcoin was 15k dollars and since then the price of the cryptocurrency has increased by almost 50%, dragging the whole sector with it, confirming the end of the bearish market.

The market will almost certainly continue to grow in the coming months, waiting for a real leap forward, an ideal moment in my opinion to bring home the gains. I think it's very possible in the next bullrun that the SEED portfolio could hit $1 million and this in my view could be a good time to sell my SEEDs. One of @empoderat's goals is to create a yield in HBD for holders, a great incentive to continue holding the token. SEED will have a double value and will be much more than a simple second-level token.

I am very positive indeed about the future of SEED and await the bull market with open arms.

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