The tender ice cream cart - A collector's item

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

The collection of silver objects is more contagious than one might think. My grandfather started with a few small objects in order to beautify his bookcase, but then the situation got much worse, now filling cartons with vases, plates and small objects. Today I'm rediscovering what remains of his series, and I'm happy to have given new value to these truly exclusive pieces.



Among the silver objects kept in a cardboard box, in addition to the silver megaphone I've already told you about, I found a small ice cream maker, those nostalgic little carts from a few decades ago, unfortunately disappeared today and replaced by big companies.


The ice cream cart is an object with great attention to detail, every little finish has been made by hand and it is truly impressive how accurate it is. As with the gramophone, this silver object was also made by hand, so each piece, although similar to each other, is unique and authentic in its own way. Being a small object, or with a total length between bike and trolley of about 10 cm, its weight is extremely low, about 200 grams, so its value is also minimal, or at least not such as to decide to sell it.


On the lower part of the trolley, almost hidden, there is probably the signature of the author who created the small work of art, although I cannot decipher it clearly.


Another collector's item that is now filling my showcase. These objects, although simple, are not easily found on the market. In fact, I have visited several antique markets but I have not found any objects so accurate and in good condition. This is a fact that could certainly add further value to these small collector's items.


The goal is to bring these collectible silver objects back to their splendor. Each piece is singular and unique, something that collectors certainly cannot ignore.

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