RE: Fast Changing World: Has Long Term Planning Become Obsolete?

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Oh for sure we need to plan for the future. The trends on the internet and shit on living in the moment only are ones that are not based in reality. Little do we know or see the financial debt these trolls are in, or living in their parents basement type shit. Those of us who have jobs, lives, families and all that have to do the sensible thing. Planning is crucial and it’s definitely something sketchy as far as stability but plans change that’s a given. Planning for the future is important especially for a business. We can’t bank on specific numbers but having a goal of saving X money to reinvest in something or replace something is important. All of the most successful businesses became successful with planning and continue to be successful with planning so I think it’s a load of horse shit if people try to say that we shouldn’t be planning. Let the trolls be trolls, they will be weeded out.

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