Leo Is The Information Source

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Hi fellow Lions,

Today I wanted to appreciate being able to stay in touch with a lot of the things going on with crypto and traditional finance via Leo!

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Leo Is The Information Source

I've really been liking the different ways to stay informed on so many different topics via my connections here on Hive, Leo Finance and other aspects of the Hive Ecosystem!

Seeing some of the posts recently such as the breakdown of what was going on with SVB and how it was originally thought to be an amateur CEO that just made some unfortunate mistakes, to then unraveling it all via someone posting and explaining what they found on Twitter where the CEO and some top people sold millions of things ahead of time, which leads us to pretty confidently say that it was an orchestrated event is something you'd never hear in other mainstream channels let me tell you!

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Being able to read about these things, knowing that it's definitely people's interpretations of events and stories related to how things are unfolding, I feel a lot more informed and empowered by the very nature of the widespread decentralized nature of the audience here. There isn't some ridiculous algorithm controlling us, feeding us information that is exactly what we are looking to hear and creating an echo chamber. I know that we could do this ourselves by just the nature of who we follow here on Hive but I think that to a large extent, a lot of people are quite diverse in their readings which is great.

I've learned quite a bit from Hive and Leo but seeing the things getting discussed here and hashed out while others I talk to have no idea or very limited information on the subject because of their information sources, I think that it's really an incredible testament to the power of Hive and the nature of how we can share this information in a decentralized and relatively "free speech" fashion. Free speech is a little bit of a loaded term around here which is fine but I do appreciate the nature in which we are able to discuss information on here compared to other places.

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Writing this, I didn't want to gush and sound like a fanboy because there are definitely some challenges that we have to get past such as the shitposting of content and now using AI to generate content and trying to figure out who we are interacting with, if they are full of shit and using AI to just put out things or if they are a legitimate content creator and we should support them as best we can. I think the Hive and Leo community has largely stood against the AI use for content and that's another thing that we've been on the cutting edge for, far ahead of the people in the other platforms like Fakebook and others. They have been getting exposed to AI bots in a way but not in the same way that we here on Hive are getting exposed to it in.

In general though, the wealth and depth of the information that I've come across across the Leo environment and the information that I will come across every single day is quite remarkable in the days of extensive and incredibly powerful information wars that are going on for our hearts and minds. I am thinking that one of the days in the future, the blockchain, perhaps Hive, will be one of the most crucial tools for people to find out what is truly legitimate information. With deepfake videos becoming increasingly prevalent and powerful, the days of a public figure posting something to a blockchain and that being the source of absolute truth where we can see if something was edited or not, will definitely be a crucial piece of how we can discern information and what is true versus what is absolute garbage lies.

The Leo community here is going to be a beacon in a sea of chaos and uncertainty and I know that I am really excited but honored to be a part of it at such a chaotic and historical time in our lives. Let's keep putting out great content and spreading information as far and wide as possible for people to read it and digest it! It's so important to form our own opinions on things instead of what we have been tried to be spoon fed by governments and media giants in the world. Our lives and livelihoods are quite literally at stake here!

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-CmplXty. Real human written content, never AI.

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