I lost $1K for Travel Membership Fraud

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Yes, I have lost more than $1K actually for a travel agency membership fraud (Fala Holidays and Packages). 2 months back, I got a call that I won a free holiday package, who would say no to a free holiday package but who would knee that I will get scammed. So we reached there and the representative was brainwashing us by their lucrative packages and other things. They were trying to sell a package worth $3K for 35 nights travel around the world and stay in 4 to 5 star hotel. They said, in India you will get free bus and train ticket whereas if you are travelling by air you will get 40% discount from their end.

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The package includes 20 day outings in Bangalore, complimentary pick up and drop and siteseiing. Also they said that we will do Visa too. Who would not find this package lucrative. I was brainwashed and I have not even thought of checking the review or other things. And I enrolled in the package.

Later that day, I extensively checked the reviews and found out that every review is calling them fraud. I called them to cancel the package, they said I have to take 1 service of 2 to 3 nights before they can cancel my service. This was the first red flag and I knew I am getting scammed.

I took the service for 2 days after calling them like 15 time. They will not pick up the call or tell us that they are busy or something. At last we got the hotel confirmation and went to the place for travel. But nothing was given as promised in the membership package, only the accommodation for 4 star hotel, that's it.

We came back and tried to cancel the package. I had to call them multiple times send enormous emails. Also given them a threat for police and court, after hearing the threat, they called me to their office and started talking to me as if I am the culprit here.

I too showed me ego and was adamant to cancel the subscription. And there was the shock of my life, they will deduct 18% GST and 20% Cancallation Cost on the whole package amount. Also they will deduct the actual amount for the 2 days which we have traveled.

I got Scammed

They were telling me to keep the package but trust and mental peace is much more important than the money. I have cancelled the membership package and lost $1000.

Lesson for me

1 - Check Google reviews before paying anything to anyone. 2 - Never go for lucrative offers, because they are too good to be true. 3 - Never trust people who are giving free things, nothing is free in this world.

Even though I lost the money, I am ok. But think about 1000s of people who have lost so much money because of this scam.

If I can ask, please give 1 star review to this travel agency so that none of the middle class innocent people will get scammed. I know I should have seen the Google reviews, but hopefully someone will.

Karma will surely hit them hard, thar I know.

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