All is Set For the Hive Borehole Launch Tomorrow

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

We are thrilled to announce to the Hive community that the sixth Hive Borehole has been successfully completed, and the project will have its grand opening tomorrow. Over the past three weeks, we have been working intensively on the mechanized borehole system to provide clean drinking water for the locals in Agona-Asaman community, Ghana.

The project has progressed smoothly, with the construction of a new mechanized borehole and the renovation of the old hand pump borehole system in the community. The construction stages on the new borehole have been completed, and only a few remaining works need to be done on the old borehole system.

There will be two launches for the project, and tomorrow is scheduled for the unveiling of the new borehole system, which is now ready to serve the community. Tomorrow is World's Water Day, a special day dedicated to celebrating the importance of water.

We believe this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the Hive project and share with the world how it is tackling one of the most pressing issues - lack of access to clean drinking water - in many areas around the world as the first blockchain to do so.

The significance of water cannot be overlooked, and Hive has made remarkable progress in addressing real-life problems with practical solutions. We are on the path of achieving another milestone and setting an example for the world on how cryptocurrency can transform lives.

The event is set to commence at 8 am tomorrow morning, and we are expecting a great turnout. This will be another fantastic platform to share about the groundbreaking Web 3 blockchain that is changing lives. We are making plans for a successful event tomorrow.

The launch represents the third phase, which focuses primarily on promoting the project and raising awareness about the impact Hive is making in Ghana. This is an excellent opportunity to inform people both near and far about the potential of the Hive blockchain, and as such, we have prioritized this stage.

To achieve this, we have implemented a range of offline and online marketing strategies aimed at disseminating news and information about Hive to a broader audience.

For offline marketing, we have designed flyers and banners to help showcase Hive during the event, while for online marketing, we have secured coverage from three popular TV stations in Ghana, as well as several online news networks, who will provide live coverage of the event and share it with audiences in Ghana and beyond.We are optimistic about a large turnout at the event tomorrow, and we are committed to making the launch a success. We are grateful to the Hive community for their tremendous support in making this project a reality.

Construction of borehole system

Location : Asamang (Ghana, West Africa)

Sponsor:@valueplan Project Managers:@mcsamm and @collinz