Hive Promotional Tour To Four Schools in Ghana Starting Tomorrow

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The foundation of every economy is education, thus when a country thinks about its economic development, it should be given priority. Lack of educational resources including school buildings, instructional materials, and money for tuition has hindered the education of many people, particularly in developing nations. We hope to make a difference in the lives of many schoolchildren by empering them in various ways through the Hive empowers communities project.

Many people are learning about Hive and growing to love the Hive ecosystem as a result of the Hive Empowers Communities Project. Those we have reached out to in various Ghanaian communities have only learned about Hive through our engagement with them. Three communities have received good drinking water as a result of the project, and five schools have received educational materials (Hive branded books). These are fantastic achievements by Hive that demonstrate to the world how cryptocurrency can truly improve people's lives.

Our greatest goal has been to reach out to more people in various Ghanaian communities and support them in any way we can while also exposing them to the Hive blockchain's potential. Hive can change people's lives, and the progress we've made in Ghana so far should inspire everyone to believe in Hive. More people need to learn more about Hive, which is why we have been reaching out to people in our communities to educate them about Hive.

Hive Promotional Tour We hope to spread the Hive gospel to more people in Ghana, and tomorrow marks the beginning of another tour to four schools in Kumasi, Ghana.

Hive will provide all 1000 books that have already been printed to the four schools. The hive Ghana team has visited and officially informed the four schools (Tabere D/A school, Ntensere D/A school, Ntensere R/C school, and Mfensi D/A school) about the outreach program.

With permission granted and schools anticipating our visit, we hope to have a successful tour tomorrow. This will allow us to interact with the students, offer our support, educate them on the importance of taking their studies seriously, and introduce Hive to everyone in the schools. We appreciate @valueplan's support for the project, as well as all Hivers who have helped us in various ways.

Hive Empowers Communities Project

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project Managers : @mcsamm & @collinz