Introducing Space ID Protocol For Domain Lovers

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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.

SPACE ID is a place for you to search, register, trade, & manage .bnb, eth , & .arb web3 domains in one place. I have interacted with the website and registered a domain for myself. It costed me $6 in total to own a domain.

Space ID Protocol is going to launch its token Sale on Binance. It means the project is very important one as launching on Binance is big thing or we can say that the project has a good future.

I Have spent $6 on Domain because there are high chances of getting ID token airdrop from this project to the early supporters who interact with the platform. Few other similar projects have airdropped their tokens in the past that is why the chances of airdrop exist.

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Space ID Protocol is the perfect hub for buying and selling domains. The interface is easier to understand. You just need a decentralized wallet to initiate the process for getting a domain.

Moreover the tokenomics says that Space ID Protocol will airdrop a part of the token supply to the community. This point also indicates that airdrop will happen sometime in the future.

About Author @coolguy222 is a crypto trader and content creator on hive blockchain. He also runs a small business of Mobile accessories and Wrist watches. He loves to make new friends.

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