Space ID Protocol Airdrop Season 2 is Live

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2 months ago - 1 minutes read

Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.

SpaceID Protocol has airdropped ID token to early supporters who bought a BNB , ArB or ETH Domains. Season one airdrop is completed and season two airdrop is started. In order to participate you need to buy a domain.

I have already participated in the season 2 of airdrop. I spent $6 on a bnb domain. Season 1 Airdrop participants got airdrop close to $100. Looking at that spending $6 is a good deal in order to get future profit.

ID token is already trading on binance and one token is currently worth $0.4. It is listed on various cexes including Dex which is pancakeswap. If you dont like a Cex then can trade ID token on Pancakeswap.

It has come to know that Binancw has invested in SpaceID Protocol. Keeping this in mind, It can be a great sucessful project in the future. We know that Binance,s interest in a project can push it to great heights. It would be better to hold some ID tokens for future or buy a domain here in order to participate in airdrop season 2.

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