What is Arbitrage trading ? Is it Profitable ?

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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.

Arbitrage trading is a strategy in which one used to generate profit by buying and selling a token in different markets through the price difference.

Arbitrage trading is something that helped me to earn a lot of dollars in last two years. I have got profit of around $25000 through arbitrage trading. This is a big amount in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

There are crypto currencies that i used for arbitrage trading. These include Rndr , 1up , cns, ariva and mx. These are trading on uniswap and probit exchange. Whenever i found price difference in any of the platform i used to take profit through arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading is not always 100% profitable. You may lose money if the price gets down while moving from one place to other. There is always a risk.

Personally i lose money many times while doing arbitrage trading but overall i am in profit. The very first token was Uptrennd that got me into arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading is not an easy thing. I used to find coins For hours for it.

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