Europa & Conference League Previews & Bets | Union & Anderlecht

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Not the result I anticipated yesterday as Orban once again scored every ball he touched for AA Gent. So -0.4 units to start the week for now. 2 matches today...

Villarreal vs Anderlecht

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Anderlecht lately simply is playing well with a lot more confidence and they also were just the better team last week at home against Villarreal taking a 1-1 draw which leaves things open still for tonight. They are in a busy schedule and have another important match ahead with an eye on Playoff 1 this weekend but they are expected to play with their A-Squad and go for it. Villarreal didn't play their full A-Squad last from what I recall so they should be stronger tonight compared to last week also playing at home now. They rarely get clean sheets at home and I would not be surprised if Anderlecht managed to get a goal. I did take a tiny 0.05 unit initial bet on Villarreal To Win & Both To Score @ 3.339 and will wait for the actual match to possibly get some extra bets in.

Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I will cover these matches live in our SBC Discord Channel. I'm also sharing all my early pre-game bets there at the time that I am betting them myself.

|Date|Bet|Stake|Odds|Result|Bookie |-|-|-|-|-|- 04/03/2023|KVK +0.25|10000 WGR|1.910|-10000 WGR|Wagerr 02/03/2023|ANT vs UNI Equal Goals 1H/2H|25.7$|3.450|-25.7$|Rollbit.com 02/03/2023|ANT vs UNI More 2H Goals|100$|2.010|+101$|Rollbit.com 26/02/2023|CLU vs GNT U9.5 CK|10000 XFUN|2.000|-10000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 14/02/2023|Kortrijk +0.5|0.004 BTC|1.750|+0.003 BTC|Sportbet.one 23/02/2023|And vs Qar 1H U1|50$|1.960|+0 $|Rollbit.com 16/02/2023|Qarabag 1H 1st CK|50$|1.700|+35$|Rollbit.com 05/02/2023|Genk +0.25|10000 WGR|1.880|+8800 WGR|Wagerr 01/02/2023|Genk TT O 1.5|0.0027 BTC|1.630|-0.0027 BTC|Sportbet.one 01/02/2023|Genk 1H -0.5|10000 XFUN|2.200|-10000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 01/02/2023|Genk 1H -0.5|0.0023 BTC|2.160|-0.0023 BTC|Sportbet.one 29/01/2023|Genk 1H -1|0.0012 BTC|2.680|+0.002016 BTC|Sportbet.one 28/01/2023|WES vs KVM O 13.5 CK|5000 XFUN|4.400|+17000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 27/01/2023|STA vs EUP O13.5 CK|5000 XFUN|4.600|-5000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 18/01/2023|ZWA +1|5000 WGR|2.010|+5050 WGR|Wagerr.com 14/01/2023|GNK & BTS|10000 XFUN|2.380|-10000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 14/01/2023|SER vs STA U2.5|0.002 BTC|1.970|+0.00194 BTC|Sportbet.one 14/01/2023|SER vs STA 1H U1|0.003 BTC|1.962|-0.003 BTC|Sportbet.one 08/01/2023|ZWA vs KVM O11 CK|10000 XFUN|2.200|-10000 XFUN|Xfun.bet 07/01/2023|Westerlo TT O1|0.002 BTC|1.720|+0.000 BTC|Sportbet.one 07/01/2023|CER vs WES O2.5|0.001 BTC|1.810|-0.001 BTC|Sportbet.one 07/01/2023|CER vs WES O11 CK|10000 XFUN|2.470|-10000 XFUN|Xfun.bet

1st season half Crypto Bet Results

Most of my bets were placed on Wink, Wagerr, & Sportbet. Based on the current BTC Price compared to the currencies that were used, I staked a total of 0.104985 BTC and I managed to make a profit of +0.02224 BTC good for +21.18% ROI

Bookie|Bets|Staked|Profit|ROI -|-|-|-|- wink.org|14|9800 TRX|+3460 TRX|+35.3% ROI Wagerr|12|89000 WGR|+20550 WGR|+23,09% ROI Sportbet.one|11|0.036 BTC|+0.01425 BTC|+39.58% ROI sx.bet|1|60 USDC|-60 USDC|-100% ROI Betfury.io|1|100 USDT|-100 USDT|-100% ROI

|||| -|-|-|-|-

Year|Bets|Won|Lost|Push|Staked|Profit BTC|ROI -|-|-|-|-|-|-|- 2022-2023|39|24|14|1|0.10498|+0.02224|+21.18% 2021-2022|56|27|25|4|0.115|+0.0166|+14.45% 2020-2021|4|1|2|1|0.0250|-0.002845|-11.38% 2019-2020|1|1|0|0|0.0100|+0.01271|+127% 2018-2019|59|24|27|5|0.5900|-0.02199|-3.7% 2017-2018|136|65|64|7|1.233|+0.112687|+9.14% 2016-2017|70|34|34|2|0.658|+0.006912|+1.05% Total |365|176|166|20|2.73598|+0.146314|+5.53%

|| -|-|-

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