Mobile MiniGames: Play & Earn | News & Progress Report March 2023

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Development UpdatesThings continue to go quite slow right now as the focus of the team and the main dev seem to be spread over different things right now instead of putting full priority on the game. While there were almost daily updates in the past about the game and the improvements that were being made on the Athenelive Twitch channel, for the past months this has shifted totally to AI-related streams which at the start picked up some virality but by now this has dropped quite a bit again. Personally, I'm not interested in it whatsoever and just see it as months without real updates on what's happening with the game.

Recently there was a small update on the project on the Singularity Group Website [Link]. To summarise this: basically, they have issues to keep covering the costs to run the compound and have put their focus on taking care of this in several ways from selling the Hot Reload for Unity as a service [hotreload.net] where they are self-reported to have 2000 active licenses sold already, to doing the Athene AI Show [Link] and having new deals in the game that only can be bought in the app store indirectly reducing the utility for PRPS & DUBI. They for now stopped running ads as they are not profitable and working to improve that while having changed the name in the meantime to fit the narrative of the stream. The aim is still the bring back the DUBI Buy-wall and keep supporting PRPS & DUBI but in the short term there likely isn't going to be much light in the darkness.

New Game Update PatchThere has been a new game update mostly including a new tutorial and also adding a couple new buildings without anything fundamentally really changing. These Buildings were added

Giving Works Building

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This building tries to highlight the charity goals with some profiles of people from the Phillippines that play the game and made some money which kind of rubs me the wrong way as an investor and player as it's indirectly saying 'we dump tokens helping to get the price as low as it is now'. The building also adds new deals bypassing the dynamic where PRPS or DUBI can be used to do purchases in the game and has a tab where all the volunteers are highlighted to bring in some sympathy for the entire project.

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There is now also a separate building for the Pet Guardians which is a nice improvement as it's much more clear now what they do giving players more incentive to level up and understand how it all works. The daily attraction of pets also moved there.

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Also, there is a new Unlock Upgrades Buiding with future Minigames and features that will be added to the game.

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PRPS & DUBI UpdateBoth tokens still can be used at a price of 13$ and 26$ in the online Mobile MiniGames Store despite the fact that they are trading at a massive discount. What seemed to be a 1.3$ peg was broken this month with PRPS going as low as 0.75$ now sitting at just below 1$ reaching new lows and a continued 10-month downtrend since the DUBI Buy wall was removed

Image from thread

Image from thread

Month|Price PRPS|Price DUBI|DUBI APY -|-|-|- November 2021|6.31$|8.61$|+6.33% December 2021|6.32$|9.53$|+6.33% January 2022|7.65$|10$|+5.23% February 2022|7.01$|9.18$|+5.70% March 2022|9.53$|10$|+4.19% April 2022|7.01$|10$|+5.70% May 2022|6.59$|10$|+6.07% June 2022|5.85$|10$|+6.84% July 2022|4.81$|10$|+8.31% August 2022|3.71$|10$|+10.08% September 2022|2.70$|7.78$|+14.8% *** October 2022|3.72$|8.83$|+10.75% *** November 2022|1.70$|3.48$|+23.53% *** December 2022|1.68$|3.64$|+23.81% *** January 2023|1.16$|2.45$|+34.45% *** February 2023|1.31$|2.65$|+30.53% *** March 2023|0.99$|1.98$|+40.04% ***

(*** Naively assuming Buy-Wall will be put up again as it has been down for 7 months now with the gap growing to a point where it's not realistic to come back anytime soon)

These are the Token Contracts

PRPS (Polygon): 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3 DUBI (Polygon): 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0

a full overview of on-chain activity can be found on prps.moe

  • PRPS Level 270: 0.99$ [Last Month 1.31$]
  • DUBI Price: 1.98$ [Last Month 2.65$]

Right now there is no reason for prices to go up as the demand isn't there and it's mostly a patience game anticipating for the team to put the buy-wall back at some point.

Personal Clash Of Streamers Game Progress

I'm still playing daily trying to increase my passive Crypton earnings and building my community in anticipation for the game get back into player expansion when the problems are fixed and advertisement starts again.

Image from thread

I also feel like I kind of reached the end-game and don't have that much to do anymore in the game aside from managing my community and trying to get all my land plots filled. While it's hard to actually promote the game right now, anyone who wants to understand how to potentially earn should check this article (Link).

Progress|Nov 2022|Dec 2022|Jan 2023|Feb 2023|Mar 2023 -|-|-|-|-|- Account Level|217|234|255|268|283 Account Trust|363M|395M|433M|458M|485M VIP Level|7|7|7|7|7 Strongest Heroes|14x L11|17x L11|18xL11|20xL11|22xL11 Strongest Pets|14x Max Level|15x Max Level|17x Max Level|18x Max Level|19x Max Level Gems Balance|1.3B|538M|1.3B|2.0B|2.6B Spellbook Heroes|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max) Spellbook Pets|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max)|10000% (Max) Crypton Saved|18k|154k|67k|36k|27k Sale Points Saved|209|115|162|239|203 Pet Luck|+823%|+871%|+1899%|+2014%|+2111% Campaign Progress|Prestige 76-1375|Prestige 77-1389|Prestige 79-1430|Prestige 80-1446|Prestige81-1476 Community Members</b|183|188|190|212|217 Export Discount|7.5%|8.0%|8.5%|8.7%|9.0% Total Money Put In|2700€|3200€|3750€|~4000€|~4000€ Exported NFT Pets|2|2|17|18|18 Exported NFT Heroes|22|94|95|100+|100+ Exported NFT Skins|0|0|0|14|24 Exclusive Skins|451|485|500+|500+|500+ Account Crypton Value|5.81M|7.2M|9.9M|11M|11.26M Daily Passive Crypton</b|-|4670|6984|7705|8144 Total Estimated Account Value|1200€+|1000€+|1300€+|1500€+|1500€+


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