Adoption Is Closer Than You Might Think

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Forget reading the crap with the social influencers on twitter and pay attention to the various crypto projects with proper use cases. Certain projects are making moves that will generate huge wealth and you need to be reading up on what is important. Forget the freak show with SBF as research is far more important this year than ever before.

One has to always keep in mind what we do today is only going to benefit the future. The time and effort we spend on building our portfolios now will pay off handsomely when the time is right.

I know some people in Crypto spend what they have to make ends meet each month but I just feel those that are doing that are doing a disservice to themselves. Being early in a disruptive technology worth trillions and many are wasting it for a few cents on the dollar. How are those people ever going to get wealthy as the answer is they won't and they cannot see this.

When I was living in the UK back in the 90's I was working two jobs in order to get ahead as I have never liked debt. Paying a mortgage and having a young family is stressful, but would do it again if required. This timeline is getting shorter and the sacrifices that have to be made now will only benefit everyone in the long term.

If I was being forced to tap into my crypto portfolio monthly I would most definitely find another plan that was going to generate the funds required. I see crypto as the golden ticket to financial freedom and stability within the next 5 years. I am starting to believe we are not that far away and do think we will see values increasing rapidly within the next 2 - 3 years with or without a bull market as it wont be required.

Timelines are always hard to forecast as normally this is down to influences you have no control over. Researching various crypto projects lately there is a pattern emerging that has definitely changed my thinking on timelines. 2030 which is only 7 years away is where my thoughts were initially, but I am more inclined to believe 2026-2027 now. Too much is going on and it is visible the changes that are taking place. One has to be blind or invested in the wrong projects to not see the transformation happening.

What has been noticeable is some crypto projects (small percentage) have developed genuine use cases that are slowly being adopted. Slowly is the key word as the momentum may be gradual currently, but these projects will pick up pace very quickly.

The values between a genuine use case project and one that hasn't will be crystal clear very soon as it will not just be investors buying the coins/tokens. Corporate/businesses requiring them for transactions or stake to use various blockchains and protocols. Similarly to what we have on Hive as Resource Credits are required other chains require their tokens for payments etc.

Passive income is literally around the corner if you think how long most of us have already been involved. 2 or 3 years is nothing when looking at the bigger picture and in many ways wish we had just a bit more time to accumulate.

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