Breaking Your Hive Growth Into Small Chunks

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These days my goals are set and broken up into smaller targets with the only difference there is no time frames as you cannot control your growth on Hive. We all rely on the community for support as growth cannot be achieved on your own.

I have learned from experience on Hive the one thing to do is to break your growth targets down into small chunks. These are achievable far quicker than setting bigger Hive goals.

For example my Hive goal is to achieve 100K Hive Power which would take many years of growth and expect it to take in the region of 66-72 months or 6 years which is long. The one thing on Hive is you learn to ride the waves and is the main reason I never set goals and happy for any growth.

Each day is a new high as you are staking each and every day the rewards that are being earned. The important factor is you are growing and nothing else matters as you are growing at your pace and why you must never compare yourself to others around you. Everyone is unique and offers different perspectives showing their personality hopefully.

Everyone wants o be successful at what they do and why they take so much pride in their Hive account as this is very personal. Hive is like no other crypto investment as you dedicate more time and energy into your growth than any other investment you have. Hive is a living, growing investment that is part of you and reflects the effort you put into it.

The one area I monitor is the value of the vote which as we know the value is tied to your stake. As your stake grows so does your vote value and last night I noticed I am on the verge of another landmark. I have broken my Hive growth down according to my vote value and nothing else as this is where I see the true value of the stake.

The aim long term is to one day generate passive income and the curation from your vote value is going to play a big role in how much the monthly income will be. Just shy of 4 Hive per vote would equate to 20 Hive per day on the 50/50 curation author split which I think is rather decent. The aim is to get to 10 Hive which will still take a number of years to achieve. The intervals are getting shorter though so I am hoping the 5 Hive vote value will happen this year still.

The insane part is a Hive at $5 today would generate in excess of $3K per month and well on the way to having some real value. My goal of achieving the 10 Hive vote value would generate $7.5K monthly which is kind of where I would like to see things eventually. My crypto goal with my various investments has a long term target of $20K per month and this is what keeps me focused as this is very achievable with the right projects.

One has to block out all the FUD not worrying if we are in a Bear or Bull market as what is important is you are growing your stake daily on every single investment. Take it slow and be happy with the growth rate as every day is more than the day before in numbers and not necessarily dollars.

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