Gaming The GCOTI AirDrop

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

We have now been informed for the GCOTI Airdrop and how it is going to work as this is vital in maximising your returns. If you are in crypto for the long haul then you need to play the game looking for the best possible outcome.

The airdrop starts on the 3rd April which is great as it has given me 3 extra days to top up the stake having planned for the 1st April. If you need to cath up you can read the full details GCOTI AirDrop

There are some benefits of getting in early as there are bonuses on offer which I would day will be reflected in the APR on offer. The first batch will receive and share an extra 10 million COTI out of 3 batches totaling a combined 50 million COTI. I will not be missing this as this represents roughly a 10% bonus if you look at the combined stake in the Treasury. The first batch has to be the goal and will be waiting for the exact time to be announced and will be ready. 10% could literally save me months of growth time in achieving my targets. This could raise my GCOTI by another 4000 tokens which is serious growth potential forgetting the value as we have no clue what they are worth.


The other important factor is the length of stake you choose as again you have choices which will affect the size of airdrop you receive. Those that don't read up will miss out as it in important to stay informed.

The 180 day staking period will be the basic or lowest time frame required to earn GCOTI moving up to 270 days where you double the size of your airdrop and then maxing out at 4 x the airdrop on 360 days. This leaves you with no choice but to select the 360 day time frame as 180 days would earn you 4 x less.

When you are committed to a project having a 1 year lock up period is not that long considering the upside. My stake is already at the 1 year mark and had no intention of cashing out so this changes nothing and see it as a way of earning extra APR through doing what I am already doing.

I do suspect that some will forego the GCOTI airdrop especially those on the higher APR levels as if you are working to a system earning 3 or 4 x the current APR on offer it would be foolish to settle for less. I do think the COTI team is trying to entice those off the higher earning APR so they can boost the entire treasury APR which is sitting on 6.7% currently. Doing away with the 8 x multiplier would make sense but then that would now have to be voted on by those who have GCOTI as it is a Governance token after all.

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