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Doing the hours on Hive or the tribes will lead to you earning far more as you build relationships with others who will support you "if" they like you. In the beginning you are selling yourself and everyone else is judging you.

What other cryptocurrency gives you the opportunity that Hive does as the ability to earn from no investment is possible. There are so few out there that offer this ability and this is what makes Hive so special.

Obviously the easiest way to start is to invest a few hundred Hive but nor everyone has chosen that route. The journey is long and hard but at the same time you learn so much more as every Hive counts.

There are many new accounts around today holding little to no Hive and my best advice to them is to get busy and not rely on gifts as they are not coming. If you engage with others spending hours curating once you have the Resource Credits the world is your oyster and I mean that.

The first year is rough, but it does get far easier the longer you persevere as he learning how everything works is the most important aspects of the blockchain. This takes time and users take time to get to know you and once they do they will follow you. This part took me close to 6 months to show I wasn't here for the rewards and ready to run.

There are definitely stages you go through whilst building and showing you are here for the long term by how you operate is just as important in gaining support. When I first joined the old block chain was at around $4 with many leaving since the price had dropped from over $8. I had no idea what was going on and thought I was doing well if I made 10c on a post. That is the first phase and only noticed the steady growth after around 6 months of 8 hour days on the blockchain.

Back then we didn't have tribes so in reality today is far easier to grow faster even though you may still think it is not easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing this and they aren't so whatever you do make the time count.

I thought I would write about this as many new users seem a bit lost unsure of what they are supposed to be doing. Whilst curating in the @sportstalksocial tribe I have come across so many who have more posts than comments and that is clearly wrong. Imagine thinking you can earn operating like that and is a form of expecting without doing the time required. Some users haven't made 1 comment and I am not joking there are so many who have made less than 10 comments in the past 30 days, but have more than 15 posts. That to me smacks of I am special and I am entitled to some rewards type thinking.

Hive and Leo and all the other tribes is about building a foundation for your account to sit on. Too many have no foundation yet are posting up to 3 times a day without making a single comment. Back in the beginning I was making 40 comments per day everyday 7 days per week. That means 40 posts read and a thoughtful comment being added which possibly meant a token of appreciation receiving an upvote. That is how one grows and that is not an easy option, but the only option.

How hard is it should tell you within 3 years as the people growing around you will either still be here or long gone. Vey few can keep up with this and I know only a handful who were with me in the old Redfish League run by Asher @abh12345 and @paulag. This league encouraged you to comment and reply and the score like the Hive Engagement League was calculated on what you did. The busier you were the higher the score you achieved. Those were the learning grounds that set me up for where I am today. Seriously any new user doing less than 10 comments per day is going to take years to get anywhere and I am simply trying to spell it out to them but is falling on deaf ears as they don't even read posts.

One or two will and that is I suppose the percentage that will continue on their journey as the other s will wilt away and abandon their Hive journey. I can recall a comment with @empress-eremmy way back then when we were targeting 3000 HP by Christmas which was literally 9 months of serious graft with thousands of hours on here. That is what it took to build as it was grinding a day at a time with the post rewards slowly growing from 10c to 30 c to $1 an then you had made it. This is how consistency pays off over time and just wanted to share the "secret" for new users to read as there is no secret as this is common sense and hard work. The work becomes fun in the end so keep at it for now.

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