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So much has changed in just the last 5 years so much so it is like we are living on a different planet and nothing is real. Manipulation of the masses via fake news with so many agendas in place that don't benefit the individual. I am not a person who follows the media or looks into conspiracies, but this is not normal what we have experienced and what is being discussed.

Hive may not seem like it is playing much of a role now in regards to social media compared to the other big players in that field, but give it time as laws do change. Last year was saw the idea bounced around by the now ousted Australian Government that a social credit score was required to use social media.

Many may laugh at this saying it will never happen and then we see scenes in China where a barcode app on your phone depicts whether you are free or not to move around. The other topic on the agenda is the climate with global warming which is utter nonsense yet another controllable of the elite to manipulate to their advantage. Imagine having to monitor your own carbon emissions in order to live life normally.

The world is definitely changing with so many controllable agendas and I don't like what I am seeing as there are too many games being played. I don't think these will all play out, but can see them trying as how easy was it to manipulate the population with regard to Covid. Those that got multiple shots must be having second thoughts as I regret having just one injection. I have elderly family members suffering from heart conditions and neurological disorders now and they were as fit as a fiddle two years ago.

The one thing we have is Hive as being decentralized cannot be controlled by any entity which is not what the ones pulling the strings like to see blossom. Crypto was meant to be decentralized from the beginning yet when we look around at the crypto world all we see is centralisation and nothing else. This is the total opposite of what crypto stands for as the majority of the market are kidding themselves.

All we have to do is carry on building out Hive offering more and more as the time will come when people have had enough of what is happening in the real world. Hive needs to be ready whether it is next year or 5 years from now, but I do see this happening at some point in the future. Hive is relevant in any scenario due to the decentralization we have in place which makes us very important and more important than you might think.

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