Hive The True Definition Of A Crypto Eco System

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You hear about the word eco system being tossed around rather loosely regarding crypto and Hive is the true definition of what an eco system should look like. Think of it in the terms of most crypto as a destination shop except Hive is a giant sized shopping center with all the amenities you may need under one roof. There is no need to leave as everything has already been built with more development /construction taking place constantly. On this front Hive has no real rivals and why we are so far ahead and why Hive will be very successful. Have a little patience and faith as what we have here is seriously special.

@sapphirecrypto wrote a great post tonight link discussing the no need for on and off ramps if you are already in crypto. The regulators think they are dealing a fatal blow to the crypto universe by removing the ins and outs of crypto to FIAT and vise versa. This may be true for those that don't know, but there will always be ways around the speed bumps. We are already here and this is not a great concern to the majority of us.

My crypto strategy was and still is to leave FIAT behind at some point in the future permanently. This is not just an investment, but a total change of life how monetary value is viewed and used. Digital currency is here to stay and the adoption is only going to grow with or without the ramps.

The sad part is many investing into crypto may actually not own any keys as theirs will be on a custodial basis only as that is what the regulators (States) are trying to pull off. I suppose if you are forced to go that route it is better than not being involved, but finding the other options surely must be apriority when the floodgates do open.

If you are in crypto then there is no better place than Hive to be established as it is a proper community and not a crypto community on Twitter calling themselves a community. Hive is different as we all interact with each other earning rewards from our actions. It is great to talk about your investment (community) shouting out how great it is, but seriously how different is your investment from all the others? They all offer the very basics and that is where it ends and the only reason they are making noise on Twitter is they have no where else to go as that is their crypto home base. Saying that we do need to start pushing the crypto communities in @leofinance as the scope is massive for onboarding new users.

chat.peakd.com proves what we have and there is something for everyone to call home.Go check it out if you haven't already tribes/communities

Hive is different and we know we can say that because it is the truth and not just a shill. We have the communities/tribes which cater to various topics that offer a home base for like minded individuals. We have DeFi with Kingdoms, we have Leodex/Hive Engine for trades and an internal exchange to swap or sell our HBD or Hive.

The reality is we don't need the outside world if that is where things are heading as we can do everything we need right here without the hassles of regulation and being told what we can and cannot do.

Funny enough all of my external crypto investments are built on the Hive mindset which is staking and earning as that is all I know. Those are not complete eco systems like Hive and are more one dimensional yet there is no need for the ramps there either.

Once you are involved and established in crypto there is no need to worry if you have no plans of cashing out as what is the point. getting into crypto was to create a better life financially so why worry what the outside world is doing as it should not concern you directly. Hive and other projects will flourish even with the closed ramps and all that needs to happen is to grow and keep growing.

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