Look At Development And Ignore Price

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6 months ago - 3 minutes read


Nothing better than knowing your investment is still being worked on by the team behind the project or community as in Hive's case.

I do think when many look at various Crypto projects they tend to get swayed by the price which should be irrelevant right now. One has to always keep in the back of your mind how early we all are and try and imagine where the crypto world will be in 5 or 10 years from now.

We often hear about the Bear market is the time of building and development and if you don't see much happening in the projects you are backing this should be a red flag. Any time and not just in the Bear markets should always be a worry as projects can easily stagnate.


Funny how some names you just expect to find on the list of most active projects on GitHub.

Being so early many of the projects we see around us will not be around in 10 years from now as Crypto is littered with so many failures. If you cannot find a use case for what you are holding then it is more of a gamble than an investment as use cases are what is going to drive the values.

I saw an article the other day saying that Crypto has around 20 000 tokens and we know doing research there are at least 2400 dead projects that have vanished. The investors buying Crypto today one would like to think are a little smarter than back in 2017/18 and won't fall for price. In the same breath we still nave LUNC and a few others which could literally be 1000's of projects that offers nothing which surely over time more lessons will be learned. The 2400 vanished cryptos will hit the 10K mark within the next 5 years as the investor mindset has to change.


Price does not always reflect the development that is taking place as this is like a jigsaw and needs multipole pieces before it starts to make a difference. This can take years to filter through in price as this is just how it works as everything takes time and not everything is a huge success.

If we look back at where Hive was 3 years ago and compare what we had then until now you can see how the development has transformed the blockchain. I think we are already seeing the benefits price wise and that will continue to strengthen over time. 5 or 10 years from now Hive will be a major factor in crypto even if we cannot see that right now.

Look how Leofinance is evolving and forget being the "wen" people as all good things come to those that wait. This is not just a lick of paint and takes months and months of code along with good ideas. The ones who speak up are the ones who cannot do the development and it is best to just wait and see.

Unfortunately those communities that make the loudest noise are not necessarily the best ones as they know that and why they are trying to lure you in. These are the lessons many are going to have to learn along the way as they find their feet.

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