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Today I received another added surprise when COTI announced they are going to hand out 2 million GCOTI as an added bonus for those that are already in the COTI treasury. On the current calculations this would work out to around 400 GCOTI per 100K staked which doesn't sound like much, but remember these are governance tokens which allow you to increase your APR on earning COTI. The snapshot was taken 2 days ago so no on could game this as this was totally unexpected. These will be distributed on the 1st June once the airdrop has been completed.

Someone in the community mentioned if they were were worth $0.14c that is around $3.36 for what I have staked. I don't see it quite like that as this is worth far more long term as this could be worth 1 or 2% extra APR.

I think this was a smart move by the COTI team if you look of it from another perspective. By throwing in this surprise bonus they are almost guaranteeing another 2 million COTI being staked as from all accounts you will need 1 GCOTI per COTI staked to earn the extra APR.

The investors who are in the other levels outside Level 1 will now think twice about moving their stake and locking it up for a minimum of 180 days or the maximum of 360. I was a little skeptical when they introduced the 4 x and 8 x multiplier Levels and do expect many who are involved to close their positions and join the Level 1 in order to receive their GCOTI.

The benefit of that is the overall APR should increase as it is not being diluted by the higher earners on Level 2-8. I can see the GCOTI tokens being far more valuable than the COTI tokens as they are going to help increase your earning capacity.

Now the focus is on adding more stake in the Treasury for the airdrop next week as if it is one for one like expected then this could be a very lucrative bonus. In my case it is like being given an extra $4500 which will be the biggest airdrop value I have received thus far as a dollar value anyway. Just think some people around the world work years for that type of money and here we are being given it as a thank you for being involved.

I pinch myself each day as this still does not seem real somehow as this is just too easy, but then again these are the perks for being involved early as we are the ones "risking" our time and our investment. How much will all this be worth in five years is anyone's guess as we just don't know. My bet is we can add a zero or two onto our portfolios once mass adoption happens which is good news and why we need to keep plugging away.

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