PWC A Key Partner In VEChain

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Whilst doing research on VeChain (VET/VTHO)I thought I would share this with you as I think it is rather major. VeChain has many partnerships with one of them being PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). Everyone has heard of PWC as they are ranked number 15 in the Fortune 500 list of companies.

This is rather major as they are rather influential and will explain why in a moment. The company has a footprint in 157 countries employing over 280 000 people. They are not just an accountancy firm either as they also have an advisory business which is key here. They have over a hundred thousand clients with 418 being in the Fortune 500 club. That is 84% of the Fortune 500 globally where they have more than just an influence. This is the key to unlocking Aladdin's cave with so much potential.


PWC launched a blockchain service using VeChain called Air Trace which simplified allows businesses to get involved using blockchain technology. Companies can adapt their needs by using the Air Trace services reducing the costs of developing products which suits their business requirements.

I have mentioned previously how important the VeCarbon with emissions is going to become as governments are forcing the issue as companies need to be compliant by 2030 in Europe tracking and reducing their emissions. PWC will be pushing this agenda as they have over 90 000 staff based in Western Europe and this is a key part of the business they can expand. The advisory business PWC offers raked in over $14 billion last year so they are very active.

According to PwC, the solution is built on "Digital Maker", a low-code platform developed by the PwC China team that promises to accelerate innovation and application software development while offering the advantages of flexibility, efficiency, connectivity, security and compatibility.


VeChain having PWC as a partner is like having a sales force who promotes your product as they are on the same team.


The value is created in having a genuine use case using the blockchain as transactions burn the VTHO gas token. What we have seen so far is only the tip of the ice berg as there are going to be thousands of clients added to the VeChain over the coming years. 36 million VTHO is the key number as that is the daily supply and with PWC selling the services using VeChain that number is well within reach.

If we consider most of the transactions up till now have come from one client being Walmart things are about to change which will change how people see VET/VTHO. Bear markets are where adoption take place through development and behind the scenes work.

When you get involved and start doing your DYOR you learn so much along the way which is the point of researching your investments. From looking at the price graph of VET/VTHO it tells you absolutely nothing of what is really happening and on the outside looks like a project heading nowhere. This couldn't be further from the truth and I feel fortunate to have found what I believe is a gem that has been hidden through poor marketing and a team that doesn't convey the story very well. Thankfully they have PWC alongside them as this will speed up the adoption.

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