Removing Lady Luck

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For the majority of people in the World the idea of financial freedom is winning the lottery. This also depends what country you reside in as financial freedom has so many levels.

I used to play the Lottery when I was in the UK and for a few years afterwards when I returned to South Africa. That all changed when I got involved in Crypto and could see where this was heading.

Financial freedom for myself would require enough wealth to never worry about monthly bills ever again or worry about financials in general. This is neve goin to be a go cray and buy what you want lifestyle, but a lifestyle that has no worries.

I do understand when I see the people queueing at the lottery counter as this is their only hope of obtaining their financial dreams. Winning he lottery in South Africa would not change what I would want as the jackpot would be insufficient for my future needs living in Europe.

For me this is a no brainer as crypto ticks all the boxes and funny enough removes all the risks even though many are told crypto is a high risk investment. I see it as having a risk but the risk is removed the more you research your investments. Not every crypto will achieve your dreams so you have to be careful selecting the "golden ticket" projects that could do a 100 x or 10o0 x through having a use case that everyone will want or need to use in the future.

No doubt if and when your investments pay off some will say you are lucky but that is not the case as crypto does test you by playing mind games. The long term strategy by building takes away all the doubts that you would have had in the first few years of being involved as the numbers don't lie.

How much will we have by just building is anyone's guess, but I can guarantee you it would be better than winning the lottery as this is planned and not down to lady luck. Lessons are learned and put into practice as the years pass which does eliminate the risks involved and why success will be more often than not achieved.

If everything goes according to plan and that is a big if as there is so much outside influence another 4 or 5 years my dreams would have been achieved or part of the overall target achieved. The mad part is financial freedom could be obtained in less than 10 years if you take crypto seriously and the chances are the mass adoption will help boost whatever you have staked when this happens. This is a time game right now and predicting when the masses will be on boarded has to be getting closer each day.

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