The Burn Rate Is The Only Adoption That Counts With The VeChain

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

Lately I have been noticing a pattern emerging with the VeChain team and that is they are not great communicators or they are past masters leaking the news. VeChain is very different from most crypto projects as they use a gas token to pay for transactions called VTHO which is generated daily through holding VET. This tells the true story as stats don't lie.


I am guessing this is old news ready to go live as this is no new partnership.

The hype from new partnerships is not going to push the price up like it would on some other projects with sell the news and by the rumor etc. The key indicators will tell you soon enough when a partnership is actually using the blockchain. Those indicators are the burning of VTHO and how much is being burned daily.


Happy I am not the only one with the same thoughts.

This week there was news of another partnership in a multi billion dollar industry being CBD produced in Canada. Without going back and checking I know they announced a partnership in the same industry over 2 years ago. This was all about tracking and traceability which is basically a similar or the same story being washed out in the open again.

I glanced at the story and felt the deja vu moment as this is old news hitting the headlines or the partnership is now closer to launch that when it was announced 2 years ago with the technology in place to actually start working. I would say it is the same company and now they are ready to physically do the work which they announced ages ago.

This is the biggest problem with announcing a project when it is nowhere near ready to run out and surely they should just keep quiet until it is ready. Earlier this year the Chinese Food Agency partnership went live and that was about 16 months after their initial announcement which gives people false hope thinking the investment is going to take off.

I have said this before where I feel VET is a solid investment but this is a long term hold as they have so much development to still run out. They have the partnerships in place and now they need to start producing the goods.

By researching you get to see more about how the team works and you start to understand why investors get miffed. If VeChain had announced this 'new' partnership they would have been called out so a news source published this announcement so they are covered.

As an investment my thoughts are only on 2026 and not before as that is when the EU regulations for carbon emissions go into action. Everything up until them is a bonus working towards burning the 20 million VTHO being created each and every day. How much VTHO will be in existence by then is a worry, but with adoption this should be cleared within 12-24 months and why the team has to make these announcements/partnerships work as soon as possible.

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