The USA In Danger Of Being Left Behind

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

With all the shenanigans taking place in the USA regarding crypto what is becoming very clear is the narrative is being controlled by the establishment. We heard about the announcement that they are happy for investors to dabble in crypto but only on a custodial basis so you never really have true ownership and the not your keys not your crypto does apply in this case.

The latest nonsense is the discussion over banning crypto wallets which would align with the custodial crypto that is allowed. This is what they would like to happen and just don't see it as this would send the US back to the dark ages. The US needs to wake up quickly as this is no game and the actions will have consequences.

Imagine you have a portfolio valued at $200K currently and it is the bear market so you know the chances of that becoming $2 million plus in the future is extremely high o what is your next move? The obvious solution if the situation deteriorates is to relocate to a more crypto friendly country.

I can see this first hand as I know the COTI Treasury is on hold for US investors currently due to regulation. Pathetic when you consider this is a genuine crypto project doing everything by the book and why they cannot allow the US involvement right now.

The rest of the world is not going to sit back and wait for the US to sort themselves out as the world does not revolve around the US. For far too long the world has followed the lead of what the US does and that is changing very quickly which is the right thing to do.

Innovation and development cannot wait as it is continuing at a rapid pace and if their is speed bumps that are put in place those crypto projects will just move elsewhere. If you wait someone else will take your place developing what you were working on so that is not an option.

The more this continues the more this will unravel and the US will only have itself to blame as the damage they are causing to themselves will be irreversible. We can see the Dollar as the Reserve Currency already being eroded away and it's days are numbered due to other currencies being adopted.

Saying something will never happen is arrogant and short sighted and many in America have to be concerned as life is going to change whether you like it or not. Unfortunately the States has a Government run by a very weak person at the worst possible time and there are going to be major consequences for voting these people into power.

The next Presidential elections are in August 2024 which is years in crypto time and expect so much to change by then. The delay tactics are now affecting the crypto space along with the investors whilst other countries are moving forward which will leave a huge gulf between the US and everyone else.

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