Grab Your Rewards! SQM DISCOUNT SALE! Just 48 Hours, Once Per Person! DON'T MISS IT!

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@cryptocompany4 months ago
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The SQM token has a regular issue price of 10 HIVE per token. Every Friday we offer an exclusive offer price on a limited number of tokens.

You already have X amount of SQM in your wallet? Perfect! As a simple example, let's say you have 10 SQM. Now you can buy 10 percent of your already existing amount, with a discount of 10 percent. Consequently, 1 SQM. Regular price would be 10 HIVE. Your special price: 9 Hive.

You already have 10 SQM in your wallet. Then you can order 1 SQM (10% of your wallet) here with 10% discount. So you have to send 9 HIVE or Swap.Hive to @cryptocompany and CryptoCompany will send you the ordered amount of SQM to your wallet.

This discount action considers many aspects and offers double advantages. I want to show these to you!

We have been looking for a way to give a relevant discount on the one hand, without the SQM's share price blowing up in our faces - in a negative sense. How we can give something back to Hivians and future players without being particularly attractive to short-term speculators (who could negatively impact the game economy). In the end, to be able to keep the price at the minimum price of 10 HIVE per SQM, or to keep the distribution quantity in such a way that you could later sell it again worthwhile, if you wanted to do so.

The restriction to 10 percent of your holdings allows you to accumulate comfortably little by little, but rewards larger investments equally. SQM acquired through this promotion will of course be part of the starting point of the calculation for the now higher amount of possible discount SQM at the next sale. So you get discount on your discounted SQM again and again! Awesome? Awesome!

And since you also get CCPower when you hold SQM, the deal is doubly and triply worth it. 10,000 CCPower per 1 SQM! You can find an overview of what CCPower brings you here on our website.

This form of weekly discount promotions will end with the release of the first public beta in the second quarter of 2023 (see timeline). This would then be a good time, for example, at which you can either sell your SQM again profitably or even better:

It would be even more clever to collect CCPower everywhere in parallel, in order to then organize a plot of land for yourself at good conditions (see the table of tiers here). Just as a recommendation and long term perspective: A plot in combination with the advantages of CCPower will give you the most valuable combinations, the most fun and the best resale price of your plot.



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