Loop Finance is draining LoopR

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Loop Finance is draining LoopR dry

Loop Finance should not be receiving rewards that are intended to go to the community

When Loop Finance Posts articles, updates, practically anything for that matter on the community page on Loop Markets it gets lots of engagement for obvious reasons. What you probably haven’t realized is that they are getting paid rewards in LoopR for every post they make.

Looking at the last few posts from Loop Finance we see the following LoopR Payouts

  • 4669 LoopR for announcing the NFT Bounty
  • 10658 LoopR for the Loop Learn Roadmap
  • 14092 LoopR for posting the DEX 2.0 Update
  • 3795 LoopR for posting the AMA they did on Twitter

Loop Finance’s position as the host of the community page requires them to have more separation from LoopR. Articles posted by the Loop Team will always get a lot of engagement just like how Jack Dorsey’s tweets or Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook posts will. The difference here is that Loop gets paid for the engagement in LoopR.

The Loop Community page will die if Loop Finance is able to funnel the rewards intended for the community to its own page. The more articles Loop posts, the more LoopR it gives itself, the more the community suffers.

I am calling for Loop Finance, and all team members to return all LoopR rewards earned from article payout and to reject all future distributions of LoopR to themselves.

To use the returned LOOPR rewards to develop and improve the LOOP community page.

Further separation between Loop Finance’s Trading Operations and its Community operations

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