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Jack Zampolin has worked in quite a few COSMOS and IBC based projects, inlcuding KAVA. As well as being a co founder of Sommelier.finance, he is also an Advisor to KAVA. In this video, he gives a breif overview of the KAVA project. LINKS https://www.kava.io/ https://t.me/kavalabs https://twitter.com/kava_platform

https://sommelier.finance https://twitter.com/sommfinance https://t.me/getsomm

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I often build long-term relationships with projects, getting to know them and their communities. I conduct my interviews in an easy going, naturalistic manner, placing an emphasis on the relationships that I build.

Projects I have covered often and regularly include: Pirate Chain, Electroneum, Morpheus Network, Veruscoin, Komodo, Etho Protocol, Sentinel, Tube, Signum (formerly Burst), Spectre, Secret Network, Skycoin, Osmosis, Cosmos, and occasionally, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Monero. Dreams Quest, Nightlife Crypto and Near Protocol are a few projects that I have recently started covering. (September 2021)

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