Hive Engine Volume Increasing - July

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There were two days that went out of normal and had 56 million and 93 million volume. Honestly, this seems to me to be too high values, but I don't know if these values may or may not be related to some problems that existed with the Hive Engine nodes.

After removing those days, this is the volume chart


Hive Engine had a total volume of 25 241 150,11 HIVE (taking in consideration the Hive current price, this is equivalent to 21 952 480,66 USD).

The 3rd July was the day with the lowest volume (164 495,44 Hive) and 25th July was the day with higher volume (4 314 066,19 Hive).

The average daily volume of it was 870 384,49 Hive.

Comparing June with July, we can conclude the following:

  • the total volume increased 26,99% from 19 875 900,91 Hive to 25 241 150,11 Hive
  • the daily lowest volume decreased 20,01% from 205 660,46 Hive to 164 495,44 Hive
  • the daily higher volume increased 36,23% from 3 166 543,74 Hive to 4 314 066,19 Hive


Synthetic Tokens


In this token category, the day with higher volume was 25th July June with 1 621 385,316 Hive being traded.

The synthetic token more traded it was SWAP.LTC with a total volume of 2 345 498,494 HIVE and the synthetic token less traded it was SWAP.DFY with 0,158114645 HIVE of volume.

The higher volume on Synthetic Tokens increased 45,22% from 1 615 151,204 HIVE to
2 345 498,494 HIVE.

“Native” Tokens


The day with higher volume it was 25th July with 2 692 502,569 Hive being traded and the day with the lowest volume it was 7th June with a total of 108 008,711 Hive.

DEC was the token more traded in July with a total volume of 9 205 619,522 Hive and PAL it was the token with less volume with a total of 103,684 Hive.

The higher volume on “Native” Tokens increased 190,71% from 3 166 494,009 HIVE to 9 205 619,522 HIVE.

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