Massive Microsoft AVAX MATIC partnership

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Massive Microsoft AVAX MATIC partnership

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00:00 Hey babes welcome to the show!xoxoxoxo 00:55 The entire crypto market 01:10 #btc daily, 12h & 6h 02:30 Total Bitcoin liquidations 03:35 back to #btc daily 04:47 #eth daily 05:10 Microsoft, Avalanche & Polygon partnership 07:30 #matic daily 08:55 #avax 10:00 European markets steady as US #stocks rise 11:50 CFTC actions against Ooki DAO could affect the entire industry 17:45 Acknowledging poor decisions & taking responsibility 19:30 #ftx wins bid to acquire Voyager Digital assets 22:30 FTX President steps down 23:55 New #kraken CEO not a fan of the SEC 25:45 #celsius Alex Mashinsky resigns 27:45 #gemini partners with Betterment 29:50 Authorities to freeze Do Kwon's crypto #dokwon #terra #luna #lunc Thanks so much for joining me today guys! Smash the like and share this on Twitter!xoxoxo

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