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Okay... we finally have the news that started it all. I started doing these CubDaily reports ever since the launch of bHBD and bHIVE when I realized that CUB had the potential to bring in Real revenue from having a real business model.

The value proposition of bHBD, bHIVE and bLEO is extremely high. We have a multi-token bridge that allows users to seamlessly move assets to/from the BNB Smart Chain.

This allows CUB as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to collect wrapping revenues, oracle staking revenues and arbitrage revenues.

These 3 forms of revenues make up the total revenue on CUB. All of this revenue is sent to a smart contract-operated DAO that autonomously buys and burns CUB.

What is extremely incredible is how fast this has all taken place. bHBD and bHIVE launched in August, 2022.

Since then, we've watched the revenue grow... A few thousand dollars the first month was our leading indicator that "holy shit, we might actually be able to flip deflationary".

As the bridge matured, we've seen this revenue only go up and to the right.

We've also seen the crypto market go down and down and down. Despite the market going down, the revenue continues to grow... yet another bullish sign for CUB.

And today, I am reporting - for the first time ever - that CUB is deflationary.

In these first 2 weeks of March, we've seen more CUB Bought and Burned than issued to LPs.

My last CubDaily report was 17 days ago, so it is one of the most accurate ways to look at what the CUB supply was 17 days ago and compare it to what the CUB supply is today:


17 Days Ago, the CUB Supply was 20,927,831.

Today, the CUB supply is 20,982,546.

You can also see that the total CUB Burned was 2,391,643 17 days ago. Today, it's over 2.87 Million CUB burned.


We already see that CUB is deflationary on a day-to-day basis. What I am excited to see is the first monthly burn report from @leofinance showing that it is deflationary month-to-month.

I think people tend to use those arbitrary type of date models as indicators. A deflationary CUB Protocol on a consistent, monthly basis is uber bullish... In fact, I don't know that I've seen another DeFi protocol out there that has managed to achieve what CUB has managed to achieve.

The amazing part?

If the CUB price keeps going down, the protocol gets even more deflationary... it's almost like we want to see the price drop... if we do, then we'll see that much more CUB bought and burned on a monthly basis which will ultimately start reducing the supply back to much more manageable numbers.

What's more - we're right at 21M CUB... That's an easy number to remember (21M BTC)... If CUB remains stable / deflationary, it will almost be like having a max cap on the supply at 21M just like BTC. In the grand scheme, that's not a whole lot of tokens.

Let's hope CUB continues to grow its revenue on a monthly basis. If it does, I think we're going to see a lot of renewed excitement to both buy CUB and LP bHBD and bHIVE in order to earn rewards!! This will only lead to more revenue growth and a positive pinwheel effect.

Follow along as I report daily on @cubdaily 🙏🏽

P/E Analysis of CUB

Here's a new section I'm trying out. I decided to run a P/E analysis of CUB using data from each Monthly Burn Report posted by @leofinance. Check out the second analysis I ran and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


CUB Rewards Flow


Here's another new section of my daily reports. This chart will be updated monthly. It accounts for the flow of CUB rewards.


"Over time, I'll start collecting data on how much each Liquidity Pool actually earns for the CUB Protocol (through wrapping revenue, arbitrage, etc.). Obviously, that's a lot of data to capture! This tells us something very important though: is the DAO effectively using its monthly funds (inflation) in paying LPs to build liquidity that ultimately generates revenue. Let's keep an eye on it and see how this progresses, maybe the team can even take this data and use it to migrate multipliers to more effectively build liquidity in the pools that are generating the most revenue."

Locked CUB


A new section! The new CUB Kingdom is now live and we can track the amount of CUB locked and how long it is locked for.

  • CUB Locked: 5,596,410
  • Avg. Lock Duration: 33 Weeks

CUB Token


  • Price: $0.017
  • Total CUB Supply: 20,982,546
  • Total CUB Burned: 2,877,723
  • Total Market Cap: $352,181
  • Total Value Locked: $1,133,406.86

Data Sourced On-Chain

Multi-Token Bridge Stats


  • bHBD-bHIVE: $102k
  • bHBD-BUSD: $212k
  • bHBD-CUB: $126k
  • bHIVE-CUB: $149k
  • Total: $589k

Data Sourced On CubFinance

CUB Burns

CUB Token 2.png

Burns have taken off like crazy.... I mean look at this chart 👀

Image from thread

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I'll be using this account to report on the CUB stats each and every morning. Together we'll track the growth of CUB under the completely revamped ecosystem that LeoTeam has built called the Multi-Token Bridge.

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