Daily CUB Report | MTB Hits $700k, Burns at 1.75M and Arb Bot 2.0 Will Flip us Deflationary!

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6 months ago - 3 minutes read


We're all waiting for the November CUB Burn Report. The team has mentioned on Threads and Twitter that the report is getting a major facelift.

Hopefully that report is out soon ™️ but my own personal run of the numbers shows about 375k CUB burned last month.

That's amazing growth! Continuing our pace of slowly and steadily earning more and more revenue for the CUB DAO.

The team has also mentioned that the November report will give us a sneak peek into the Arb Bot 2.0 - something that the LeoFinance team is building that will supposedly 2-3x the amount of revenue generated by the current implementation.

A 2-3x would flip CUB deflationary. This combined with record Wrapping Revenues (reported by the team on Twitter / Threads recently) and oracle staking figures and CUB is likely just on the verge of flipping to a deflationary environment where the DAO is buying and burning more CUB than is being issued on a monthly basis.

Follow along as I report daily on @cubdaily 🙏🏽

P/E Analysis of CUB

Here's a new section I'm trying out. I decided to run a P/E analysis of CUB using data from each Monthly Burn Report posted by @leofinance. Check out the second analysis I ran and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Locked CUB


A new section! The new CUB Kingdom is now live and we can track the amount of CUB locked and how long it is locked for.

  • CUB Locked: 5,102,433
  • Avg. Lock Duration: 31 Weeks

CUB Token


  • Price: $0.0213
  • Total CUB Supply: 19,144,318
  • Total CUB Burned: 1,744,105
  • Total Market Cap: $408,598
  • Total Value Locked: $1,289,434.96

Data Sourced On-Chain

Multi-Token Bridge Stats


  • bHBD-bHIVE: $145k
  • bHBD-BUSD: $285k
  • bHBD-CUB: $129k
  • bHIVE-CUB: $137k
  • Total: $696k

Wow... Look at that Multi-Token Bridge growth! Despite the value of assets continuing to drop, we're seeing more bHIVE & bHBD being wrapped and pooled on the platform. This is exactly what you want to see!

On Our Way to $1M in MTB TVL!

Data Sourced On CubFinance

CUB Burns

CUB Token 2.png

Burns have gone utterly parabolic. You can see that since the launch of the bHIVE & bHBD bridge (August, 2022) the burns for CUB have just skyrocketed and show all signs that they're continuing to expand rapidly.

I'm truly in belief that we'll see CUB print a few deflationary months in the very near-term future. Give the MTB a few more months to surpass $1M in TVL and I think we'll start pushing deflationary.

After a few months of deflation, I think people will start jumping on the bandwagon and buying CUB again.


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About CubDaily

I'll be using this account to report on the CUB stats each and every morning. Together we'll track the growth of CUB under the completely revamped ecosystem that LeoTeam has built called the Multi-Token Bridge.

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