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The Hook

You may recognize that phrase from the Star Wars series spin-off The Mandalorian. The members of this ethnic group follow a strict warrior-like creed and are stricken from the ranks if they break it. One of their little catch-phrases is the title to this blog, "This is the Way".

I've recently finished watching the first season and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has some time to kill and a soft spot for the Star Wars universe as "Baby Yoda" alone is worth the price of admission. For a tiny little green stuffed animal, they do an incredible job of making it seem real and alive. Really good stuff.

But that's not why I'm writing this article. It's just the hook to suck people into reading. lol The real reason I'm here is that I want to be another voice extolling the virtues of what the Hive blockchain is becoming.

How did we get here?

When I joined this community pre-Hive, the mantra was that it was going to become better than Facebook and people could get paid for their own content. In reality, it was a circle-jerk with shit-posts making all the money and flag wars happening all over the place. As a newcomer, I felt I had to tiptoe around, quietly and non-controversially finding little places to add my votes and trying to stay under the radar of large personalities screaming at each other through their blogs. While I could see the potential, it was certainly a toxic environment.

Fast-forward five years and here we are. Everything has changed, and for the better. After overcoming long odds to hard fork and rebuild under a new name, Hive has come out the other side better, more resilient, and more robust than it's ever been. And since it's new beginning, the building continues to ratchet up at a record pace. There are new communities starting almost every week in pretty much any topic you could imagine. From cooking to photography to finance to gaming to working out, people are coming from every part of the world to join a community that is NOT under the influence of a corrupt government. Nor does it worry about being "woke" or "canceled".

Hive is a place for people to just be what we all are: people. It doesn't matter what color, what gender, what race, what orientation we belong to or identify with, here we are all just people working together as a community, trying to get to the same place.

Isn't it amazing how you can go out in the world and rarely ever have an issue with any of the people you interact with, yet if you get on social media and start tweeting everyone wants to kill each other? The vast majority of the world is NOT polarized. Most of us live in the 80% in between what the mainstream media wants to paint as the black and white. If you think this, then that means you think this, this, and this and you're evil. If you think that, then that means you think that, that, and that and you're righteous. It's all bullshit.

Sure there are problems but the vast majority of them could be solved if we just got rid of the politicians turning them into life or death issues. Most people care about what other people think and are willing to listen but we can't even have a conversation right now because the mainstream media keeps screaming in our faces.

And then there's Hive. This is the Way.

Ways to Participate

As I said, Hive is filled with literally dozens of small little communities all working together to create a larger, global network that can sustain us all into the future. With #leofinance, we can all learn and grow our financial knowledge and take advantage of the knowledge of others to help build our accounts. With #actifit we can communicate with a group of supportive, like-minded people all working together to improve our health. With #cinetv we can read or write about all things TV and movie related with a group of people who are as passionate about it as we are. I could go on and on. Want to talk silver? Try #silvergoldstackers. Like writing and poetry? Check out #writingclub. Love gaming? #splinterlands, #psyberx, #dcrops, #dcity, #exode, #ragnarok, to name a few, with more I didn't name and at least a dozen being developed as I speak.

Want to post videos? Try #3spk. Like Twitter? #threads is just getting started and we have an opportunity to be there from the beginning. Love to write? Well guess what. That's what I'm doing right now here on LeoFinance and Hive. Building a business? The #ctp people would love to hear about it. Just want to hang out with a fun group from all over the world? Try #neoxian. Or #hivepizza. Or #ladiesofhive. Or #mancave. Sports? #sportstalksocial. Technology? #stemgeeks. On Hive there is a community for everyone and everything, and usually more than one. All you need to do is engage and participate. Doing this will not only help you, it will help all of us continue to build Hive into the juggernaut I think it can become.

Perfect timing

And NOW is the perfect time to be doing it. With the markets in the midst of a nasty [bear cycle](bear cycle), everything is down. This means that the amount you can earn is a lot more than if prices were high. One dollar gets you almost four HIVE right now, so if you earn that dollar it will be worth four times as much as compared to if $HIVE$0.355 was at a dollar. To take it one more step, the dollar you earn now will be worth four dollars if and when $HIVE$0.355 gets back to a dollar, which, when the bull cycle comes back, I think it will.

Anyway, we are now entering 2023. People are focused on resolutions and goals and getting the year off to a good start. It's the perfect time to commit yourself to building your own reality and then making it come true. And this is the perfect place to do it.

Hive. This is the Way.

Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

What is Hive?

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