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5 months ago - 1 minutes read

The one ace Hive has up it's sleeve is the decentralization of the Hive blockchain and, as you said, it's incentivization with the Hive token and HBD. Those are absolute difference makers in the long run. BUT, we need to be able to stand side by side with the centralized apps being created and not lose much in the way of performance. There can be a small inconvenience to using Hive/Leo as opposed to using some of these other apps, but if people have to jump through too many hoops, or the performance doesn't match, most people will stick with the mass media.

At this point, people don't realize, or care, for that matter, about what decentralization even means. That will change but it won't be overnight. Until then, performance is going to be everything. What is the easiest to use, the most popular, has the least downtime, and can do the most things. Those will be the deciding factors on which ones get used.

We need to keep building and step up our game on performance. It will play a vital role in how the next few years shake out.

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