Monthly Trading Volume On The Internal DEX In HBD | 2021 - 2023

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4 months ago - 1 minutes read


The trading volume for HBD on the internal DEX keeps growing. The @hbdstabilizer has increased the liquidity.

We can see that prior to August 2021, there was very low liquidity on the internal DEX with less than 1M per month. Starting from August, this has improved a lot. In August 2021, the trading volume has reached 7.5M HBD on a monthly level. This is because there was an increase in the HBD price on the external markets, but also the HIVE to HBD conversions were enabled with a Hardfork in July 2021.

Since then we can see that the trading volume on the DEX has been much improved. In 2022, the average trading volume per month was 3M HBD. January 2023 has also 3M in trading volume, and will see how the year goes.