PHBD Is Now Showing The Right HBD Price?

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Since Leofinance introduced the pHBD-USDC pool, the price of pHBD has been 1$ or above. Meanwhile HBD is still volatile. This just goes to show that the price of HBD that is tracked by coingecko is not quite the one. This price represent HBD as it is traded on the korean Upbit, and the pair there is HBD-BTC. So whenever BTC dips so does HBD.

With pHBD-USDC we now have another reliable source for HBD price, and it showing better stability.

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Another important pools is the internal DEX.


These big differences in price just show the low liquidity of HBD. As liquidity increases, this price differences should decrease.

Long post about HBD trading volume on different pools coming soon :)