The Trading Volume On The Internal DEX Keeps Growing! A New ATH For Daily Trading Volume

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@dalz.shorts10 months ago
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After years of insignificant trading volume on the Hive internal DEX in the last period we are seeing some serious data for trading volume. The recent HBD pump was reason for a new all time high for daily trading volume on the DEX.


A 1.6M HBD in trading volume on July 25, 2022.

Previously the daily ATH was at 1.2M back in September 2021.

On a monthly level the chart looks like this.


July 2022 is lower then the August 2021, when there was 7M in trading volume for the month. Now we are at 4M.

While these numbers are small compared to some exchanges or top DEXs, they represent a significant improvement from before. The internal DEX was neglected for a long period of time.

The fact that Hive has actually a DEX is amazing feature. Users can trade directly on chain, without KYC, or fees! The growth of the DEX is mainly because of the HBD improvements, the growth of the DHF funds and the hbdstabilizer. Soon we should have a new interface that will make it even better for use.