What Is The Share Of The Hive Power That Is Actively Voting/Curating? | March 2023

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This is an interesting topic that we haven’t revisited in a long time. Let’s see how are things doing and is there some significant changes?

If we take a look at the amount of Hive powered up on hiveblocks.com, we will see that it is around 167M HP at the moment. Thing is not all of the Hive Power is being used from everyone to curate posts. Some accounts have never curated posts. This might sound strange for the avid users around, but this is the case.

Let’s take a look what share of the Hive Power is being actively used for curation.


We will be looking at:

  • Number of votes per day
  • Number of accounts voting per day
  • HP voting per day
  • Active rshares per day
  • Share of HP voting
  • Top accounts that don’t curate

The period that we will be looking at is 2022 - 2023.

Number Of Votes Per Day

First let’s take a look how many votes per day are made. Here is the chart.


This chart shows quite a steady number of votes per day, with a slight increase in the last two years. The number of votes per day has been hovering around the 300k with small oscillations in the period. The sharp drop in October 2022 is due to the hardfork that happened at that time.

Number Of Accounts Voting Per Day

What about the number of accounts curating/voting daily? Here is the chart.


The number of accounts voting has also been stable in the period. Around 13k accounts voting daily.

Active Hive Power Per Day

Now for the interesting part. What is the active HP voting daily?


We can notice the small uptrend here as well. Up from a 125M at the beginning of 2022 to 130M HP voting daily now.

Share of HP voting

The overall Hive Power has increased in the period, so if we plot the active HP against the cumulative HP in the period, we get this.


The strong white is the active HP. The cumulative HP has increased from 148M to 167M now, while the active HP from 125M to 130M. Meaning the active HP has not followed the increase in the overall HP.

Disclaimer: The way this data is calculated is taking into account the active accounts that are voting per day and assigning their HP balance at the moment. While this is accurate enough, it is not 100% accurate since the HP balance for the accounts can be different in the past from what is now, but there is no easy way to get the data for HP balance for all the accounts for each day. Because of this the data above is not 100% accurate.

I wanted to present the data in easy to understand for most of the Hivers and that is Hive Power. Another useful metric and probably more accurate when it comes to active Hive Power is the rshares.

Active RShares Per Day

RShares, or reward shares, represent the share that is assigned to each account when curating, based on which the Hive distribution happens for authors and curators. Here is the chart for the active rshares per day.


This chart is slightly different from the HP chart and as mentioned is most likely more accurate, but the number doesn’t mean much for the average user 😊. It shows an overall increase in the active rshares, from 40,000T to 44,000T (trillions).

The number on the y-axis is on the power of 16.

Top Accounts That Don’t Curate

What are the accounts that are not voting/curating. Here are the top ones.


These are accounts that haven’t voted in more than a year. The @mottler account is leading with 1.7M Hive Power. This account has started powering down recently, it had around 2.5M HP in the past. Next is the @safari and then @bitcube with close to a 500k HP.

The HP balance of the accounts that have not voted more than a year is close to 30M Hive Power. This represents 18% out of the 167M HP at the moment.

A 18% dormant Hive Power

From what can we see from the above there seems to be a small uptrend in the amount of active HP, with the biggest dormant HP account now in a power down mode. There is around 30M HP that are not been used for curation, and this number is quite constant during the period.

All the best @dalz

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