Friendly reminder you can buy BTC on LeoDex

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@darkflame2 years ago
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One thing that we can often forget to do is accumulate consistently. If you were to buy Bitcoin every week like you would buy bags of chips, instead of getting (filled with carbs) you would get your bags packed.

image.png https://leodex.io/market/SWAP.BTC

Back in 2019 I made a spreadsheet about this very idea, buying daily. The $12 of Bitcoin would be worth $166.109 now in November 2021.

So it really doesn't matter if the price is $4k or $64k, when you HODL.

In Bitcoin you make money when you buy BTC, not when you sell. So if you want an easy way to acquire BTC, check out SWAP.BTC !


You can accumulate small amounts and withdraw to your BTC wallet using Hive-Engine, or just keep it in your Hive account and when the value grows, swap for more Hive! When I tell people all the things you can do on Hive it is almost too much to process at once. This is the future today!