I think Hive replaces web pages

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@darkflame2 years ago
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And there are some amazing solutions like the magic upload, where does the image go?


This is uploaded to files.peakd thank you @peakd very much for this. So are you storing all the files? This is is a great services can you please tell me more?

However if I want to upload something like a game, I need to use a hosting service which is usually around $100 a year and I know there are other services but the one I have used for years I usually renew. I have created more than a few web sites in my life and all of them eventually disappear.

Not here though, on Hive as long as we have witnesses running nodes then Hive will be a decentralized data layer. I have thought a bit about how we can continue to decentralize yet strengthen the chain as a whole. I am happy to see that Hive-Engine is now running their own witness layers and although I dont fully understand how it all works I can see the utility of it.

I have some free games I have created. I wonder what options there are for uploading a folder of html and other files, just like you would using ftp, but to the Hive chain or some sort of other service?