Alive and Thriving | Nigeria Must Be Better In My Days

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Daniel Danoskie N
@ddn6883 months ago
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Hello everyone! Welcome to my alive challenge post! It's a wonderful Friday which I'm very grateful to God for the gift of life, guidance and protection.

Many things happened in my life which I'm proud of and I give God the glory for blessing me this much. Few hours from now, we will be facing the ballot boxes to vote for our choices for the governorship position, same as for the House of representatives. I hope to have a violence free day tomorrow, even though we are having high number of thuggery and burglary cases in most parts of the country. We lay our hopes, fate in Christ for divine intervention. Lastly, Nigeria must be better in my days. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my alive challenge post. See you in my next post and do have a lovely weekend.