IAAC Post 241: My market experience today

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Daniel Danoskie N
@ddn688a year ago
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Shopping during the weekend has been among the things that I love to do. After my working hours elapsed, I went to the market to buy some food stuffs. When I got there, the prices of sold items were very high and the quantities were lesser that what was sold for half the current price, just a month ago.


img_0.23106025865363122.jpg I bought some stuffs that I needed (though not all), walked back home to increase my actifit activities. Hahaha Yeah, I used one stone to kill three birds. They are;

  • I took some market Friday post photos
  • Got a story for my alive challenge and actifit activities
  • I bought some food stuffs for my weekend

Great, right?

Thanks for stopping by to view my alive challenge post. Do have a lovely weekend.