IAAC POST 26th February | Naira notes Scarcity

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Daniel Danoskie N
@ddn6883 months ago
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Hello and welcome to my alive challenge post 26 February 2023. I'm happy to be alive in the land of the living and to testify the glory of God in my life. Today is church service went very well and thank God for giving me the Grace to attend church service with the brethren. Earlier this month we are faced with the challenge of getting a new Naira notes even though we are running a campaign for the presidential election we just took place yesterday. This cash scarcity that has got everyone talking about Naira cash both online and offline has brought us to this day to decide whether to continue with the ruling party or to make a new decision for ourselves when it comes to the federal level. The office of the president is the most important office in the country. Up there, decision that are taking most affect everybody directly or indirectly. These decisions are made sure that they are abided by and obey through the use of law enforcement agencies.

Through the use of AI image generator, I was able to get an image illustration of how I have felt for a long while since the scarcity of Naira cash. Yeah, truth must be told, the government is trying to increase the use of cashless policy or the adoption of cashless policy which in one way or the other is not helping matters for now because the Nigerian system of trade does not really appreciate cashless trading system whereby, the vendors are most likely to be unable to receive the transaction(s) carried out for an item or items for some hours or days and most times the monies sent to their accounts are reversed to the origin. This is very worrisome and discourages the mass adoption of cashless policy in Nigeria. I'm grateful to God for strengthening me to come back to hive blockchain. It feels good to be back. Thank you so much for reading my alive report for the 26th day of February 2023. Do have a lovely weekend.