IAAC POST MARCH 23 | A Change At The Appointed Time

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Daniel Danoskie N
@ddn6883 months ago
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It's literally no body's fault when the government fails to achieve any of the items listed in the manifestos, but in reality, it is their fault. The case and history of Abians in Nigeria is not different from that of a failed and collapsed system of government which has nothing to do with the interest of the people, but rather, theres and whatever should please them.

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Or a complete 24 years in the history of Abia state, they have had series of bad government emanating from one dubious political party know as "People's Democratic Party" whose known core value is to share the national cake within themselves. Who is fooling who?

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The just concluded election took them by surprise. They thought that the election that they know was is still business, but the game changed overnight. The will of the people overpowered the will of the incumbent governor and his party members.

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It has become more laughable, a joke to be told to both old and young on the streets, market places or even in the government offices. Yeah, the incumbent governor perfectly loss election from top to bottom whereby, his party has little or no influence in the state. He even loss his Senatorial district election".

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Cheers go the big mamas and papas who now believe that the votes casted by the people must count. We're the people and the government must serve us and not the other way round.

Im grateful to God who has brought this victory to His people at the appointed time. Truth must be told, the is the best time to make a difference in Nigeria. Thanks to @flaxz who has created this avenue for us to express ourselves on daily basis. Also, thanks to you for stopping by to read my alive challenge post. Have a great Thursday.