RC Delegation, Threads and Project Blank, PeakD Text To Speech, PeakD Chat, Games and More All In A Year…Happy Birthday, Dear Hive!

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@depressedfuckup3 months ago
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I haven’t been on Hive long, but sometimes it surprises me how much I know and have learnt about Hive in this very short period I’ve been here. Which is why I was shocked to find out Hive celebrates it’s Birthday on this day every year. I’ve been on Hive close to 8 months now and not once have I heard about anything like that until today. I guess it’s just one of those things no one talks about until it’s drawing near….And near, it has drawn.

I don’t know what Hive looked like a year ago because I wasn’t here then, but I know for sure it’s a lot more better, improved and on steroids now! In just the short while I’ve been here, there’s been so many upgrades coming to different parts of Hive and I’m loving the continuous improvement. We’ve had RC delegations during the last hardfork, newer games like Ragnarok, psyberx and stoken.quest, threads and the everything app by LeoFinance, improved and advanced wallets and trading charts from dApps like Ecency, Text to speech in PeakD, and Peak D chat most recently. These are obviously not all the developments I’ve seen since joining in July, as I’m just mentioning what I remember from the top of my head. Man, Hive has really been doing great!

Anyways, before I side-track, since I read the HivepowerBday post by theycallmedan, I’ve been hyped in anticipation of today for a while. You know how when you have a special occasion on a certain day, you wake up feeling different? I woke up wondering why I felt different today until I turned my data on, received some notifications from Ecency and realized it was about Hive.

For today, I’m going to be powering up 41Hive. That’s an odd number, but it’s so because my HP currently stands at 1319HP and I want to use this power up to round it up to 1360. Round whole number. Hehe

We’re still in the first 3rd of the year and my HP is at 1360HP. At this pace, I think I’ll be able to hit my 2.5kHP goal at the end of the year.

At the end of the year, I want to be holding a serious lot of LGN as well if possible. I always talk about LGN every time I talk about my plans with Hive. And so far, it’s not looking bad with my accumulation. That has actually been why my HP’s growth has slowed down. Because LGN goes up +0.1HIVE every month right now, I’m trying to focus more of my Hive in that direction, until I’ve accumulated a considerable amount of LGN maybe somewhere in the next 2-3 months while it’s still cheap. After that, it’s right back to stacking up my HP.

As my LGN holdings grow, I plan to use the dividends to stack more LGN and in the future to feed my stake once the dividends get really good. Like I always say, all roads lead to stacking up my stake.

I’m trying to see if I can earn at least 100HP from post payout alone every month, so that with liquid power ups of even small amounts like 30Hive, I should be able to increase my HP by 130HP every month. This will keep me well on the 2.5kHP by the end of year goal as I stack more LGN.

Today is a special day for Hive and that translates to us Hivers. Simply looking at the development over just one year, you can tell Hive is going to be on a whole different level by this time next year. Live Hive, and may our token reach new prizes by this time next year. Happy Birthday, Hive🥂