The #BeerSaturday Challenge - Week 297 Winners

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Here we are with the winners of the week 297 of our really thirsty #beersaturday Challenge.

Everybody who joins our weekly challenge is a winner as this means fun and a worldwide community of friends and beer lovers.

The Participants

This week, we had 6 active participants in our challenge. This is great!

List of participants and their submissions

As you can see, we once again had some interesting stories on the beloved topic of beer.:

|Author|Post|T|P|W| |-|-|-|-|-| |@ablaze|Estrella on the Costa Del Sol for Beer Saturday|✔️|✔️|✔️| |@godfish|Pod Besedou Brewery, Tábor|✔️|✔️|✔️| |@seckorama|Beer Tasting: Carlsberg Rush and Grolsch Premium Pilsner|✔️|✔️|✔️| |@handofzara|Wicked Weed Brewing|✔️|✔️|✔️| |@abeerhunter|Cholo Cerveza de Indie Brewing (Esp-Eng)|✔️|✔️|✔️| |@heroldius|BeerSaturday 297 - No Tahoma (Dunham)|✔️|✔️|✔️|

Columns: T-> Tag #beersaturday P-> 3+ images W-> 200+ words

They all did a good job with their posts about beer.

The Winners

This week, there was 14 HIVE, 16 BEER, 2 LEO and 500 Ecency POINT to win. Here are the winners and their prizes for this week.

|Author|Prize| |-|-| |@handofzara|6 HIVE| |@abeerhunter|7 BEER| |@heroldius|1 LEO| |@seckorama|250 POINTS| |@ablaze|5 HIVE| |@godfish|5 BEER|

All prizes drawn by our really drunken jury

Congratulation to all our winners. We are looking forward to seeing you next week with a few pictures of a new beer. Remember there is always a new week and a new #beersaturday!

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Now relax and join the next #beersaturday challenge tomorrow with your cool post about beer.