DIY Project: Contest No. 3 (Theme: Needlework)

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What is this contest about?

Post a video or an article on DIY ideas revolving around the theme Needlework.


  1. Post only original content.

  2. One entry per account.

  3. Publish your post in BUILD-IT community.

  4. Re-blog this contest post.

5. Use the following hashtags in your entry post as the first three tags: #diy #contests #leofinance Note: #contests is a plural noun.

  1. Any images you use in your entry post must be your own or for which you have the license (permission) to use that image either because you have purchased a license to use it or because it is a free to use image.

  2. No Plagiarism and no cross-posting.

Optional Rules

  1. Share your post on one or more of the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other platform of your choice.

  2. Comment below with proof (i.e. the links) of your social media share.

  3. Upvote this contest post.

  4. Engage with the other contest participants by commenting on their posts, upvoting etc.

5. Invite two followers of yours to participate in this contest by tagging them in your post. (eg. Hey @xyzfollower, please consider joining this contest)

  1. Subscribe to the BUILD-IT and LeoFinance Communities.

  2. Be creative with the title of your post.

  3.  Stake the following tokens preferably in the minimum amounts shown below.  a)      List – preferably a minimum of 500 LISTs b)      Leo – preferably a minimum of 500 LEOs c)      Buidl – preferably a minimum of 500,000 BUIDLs

Rules on Staking - Not mandatory but if you are one of the contenders for the prizes, you may lose out to participants with higher stakes than yours.

Delegations to your account will not count as staked tokens.

For your own convenience, update all your stakes at your wallet page in Tribaldex.com or Hive-Engine

Period of Contest

Entries must be posted within 10 days from the date hereof.


The winners will be selected based on several factors.  Non-compliance with the mandatory rules will disqualify you from the contest. In determining the winner from among the qualifying participants, the following additional factors, among others, will be taken into account:

a)      Commitment to the Hive ecosystem. Do you consistently participate in posting, commenting, re-blogging, upvoting etc.

b)      Quality of your post and comments. What is the qualify of your post and comments? The number of upvotes, re-blogs and comments you have received before the announcement of the winners.

c)      Regularity of Participation. The regularity of your participation in our contests.

d)      Any other factors considered appropriate.

If you are one of, say, 3 potential winners, and if you stand out from the others in the above factors you will stand a better chance to win than the other two.

The winners once decided is final and conclusive and will be announced 7 days after the end of the contest period.


||Prizes:|| |-|-|-| |Leo|List|Buidl| |30 LEOs| 300 LISTs | 300,000 BUIDLs ||||

If there is no winner for a particular prize in any of the contests, the prize monies will be carried forward cumulatively contest after contest until a suitable winner is found in one of the subsequent contests.

Prizes for Comments

A winner each will be selected from the comments appearing on the posts of each of the winning entries. Selection will be based on, among others, the quality of the comment. Comments that are engaging, give valuable feedback, reflective, entertaining etc are what you should aim for.

Each winner will receive 10,000 BUIDLs.


If you wish to sponsor in any way please leave a comment below.

Guide To The Use Of Images (Optional).

If it is your own image, and do not wish to share it with others, use the subscript ©Your Name below the image.

If you have your own image and wish to share it with others on specific terms, then one way to do it would be to use the licenses offered by Creative Commons here. Try it. When you use Creative Common Licenses with attribution and links back to your original posts/images on Hive, it will give your posts more eyeballs, when others use your images in their posts!

If you wish to waive all your rights to your own image worldwide i.e. make it a public domain license, then you may use the CC0 license offered by Creative Commons here.

Third party images must carry a sub-script below them, showing details of attribution, copyright information, license details or any other details required by the license.

If you are using a third party image licensed to you, the details of the subscript would depend on the requirements of the license. Please make sure that your subscript complies with all these requirements. The subscript should also include a link to the original source of the image, where the details of the licensor and the license can be verified.

Stock image companies usually do not ask for attribution in any form when you are using their licensed images. Nevertheless, for this contest, you are required to provide a subscript with details of attribution. Such a practice removes any doubt as to whether you have a license to use the image and is, imho, reflective of professional conduct.

Example of images with attribution details in a subscript are shown below for your guidance.

  1. This image by green.thumbs from Flickr, is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
2. <sub>[Image by Verity Sanders via Unsplash License](https://unsplash.com/photos/q4ExhrHaSLY)</sub>
3. <sub>[Photo by Anna Shvets via Pexels](https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-woman-sitting-on-the-couch-5614135/)</sub>

4. <sub>Image by [SSidde](https://pixabay.com/photos/forest-trees-cold-frost-frozen-5895422) from [Pixabay](https://pixabay.com/photos/forest-trees-cold-frost-frozen-5895422/)</sub>
5.	<sub>[Concept of copyright infringement. Kinds of piracy — Stock Illustration](https://depositphotos.com/30366359/stock-illustration-concept-of-copyright-infringement-kinds.html?ref=5738678) by enotmaks of Depositphotos</sub> (Note: use this subscript if a description of the image is required)

Please note that Google images, news sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and (most images on) social media sites are secondary sources of images. If you are using these images, you should endeavour to find the original source and check to see whether you have the license to use it and use it only if you have the license to use them. Avoid using such images if you can't find the original image or if you don't understand.

Do not edit copyrighted images on image editing software like Canva and use them unless you have the license to use the image and the license specifically allows you to do so.

An example of a license allowing you to do so is seen under CC BY-NC 2.0 license. This license specifically allows you to adapt (i.e. remix, transform, and build upon the material used) the image. For an example of such usage, see the the first example above.

The CC BY-NC 2.0 license also requires you to indicate if changes have been made to the image when using it. For an example of such usage, look up the second image of this post in Sportstalksocial.


If you wish to make suggestion for future contest themes on DIY, please do so in the comment section.

Theme for next contest.

The theme for next contest is Jewelry

Results of DIY Project: Contest No. 2.

No one qualified to win prizes under Contest No.2 and the prizes have been carried forward and compounded with this Contest No. 3.