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Hello everyone, Welcome to my Starbits Every Night, a routine post I make on a night when I play Rising Star Game during nightime. It is about me opening a pack, or doing something else in Rising Star Game, and the most important one is the routine Giveaway I hold in every post. You can always check my events from daily update from @risingstargame daily post, Today's Rising Star Giveaways.

Anyway I always open to any suggestion and feedback so please leave them on comments section below if you have a good one.

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Everyday I encourage people to buy pack... yes buy packs and open them. The common question is which one is better, buying packs or buying cards directly from other players? Personally I prefer buying cards directly over buying packs. because it gives more precision on stats building. This leaves zero waste,for example sometime we get good cards from packs but we do not need those.

However recently I have decided I will keep buying packs and share my daily opening in this post because I believe buying packs give more benefit to the community.

  • First it is somekind of starbits burning which hopefully might help starbits price to be more stable.
  • Second with many new cards circulated, hopefully the card price will get stable too and this will help smaller players to grow.

past monthly packs opening: |Month|packs|fans|skill|luck|IM| |-|-|-|-|-|- |Sep-Dec 2022|179 packs|17.115|15.572|4.150|409| |January 2023|31 packs|2.490|2.405|1.243|63| |February 2023|39 packs|3.425|3.635|1.067|83|

What you get from a pack in average: |Time Line|fans|skill|luck|IM| |-|-|-|-|-| |2022|95.61|86.99|23.18|2.28| |2023|84.5|86.28|33|2.08|

Today Packs Opening:


This Month Packs Opening Recap |Date|Common|Rare|Epic|Legend|Fans|Skill|Luck|IM| |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| |1 Mar|2|1|0|0|140|120|6|3| |2 Mar|2|1|0|0|22|165|10|5| |3 Mar|2|0|1|0|670|520|15|10| |4 Mar|2|1|0|0|60|180|6|5| |5 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|56|0| |6 Mar|2|1|0|0|20|0|56|0| |7 Mar|2|1|0|0|200|150|21|5| |8 Mar|2|1|0|0|50|150|8|5| |9 Mar|2|1|0|0|10|5|126|0| |10 Mar|2|1|0|0|50|200|6|3| |11 Mar|2|1|0|0|130|105|8|3| |12 Mar|2|1|0|0|130|105|4|2| |13 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|56|0| |14 Mar|2|1|0|0|25|0|57|2| |15 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|56|0| |16 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|70|0| |17 Mar|2|1|0|0|20|10|50|0| |18 Mar|2|1|0|0|10|10|51|0| |19 Mar|2|1|0|0|5|5|51|0| |20 Mar|2|1|0|0|10|10|50|0| |21 Mar|2|1|0|0|10|0|55|0| |22 Mar|24|12|0|0|905|755|362|17| |23 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|61|0| |24 Mar|2|1|0|0|110|105|5|2| |25 Mar|2|1|0|0|100|100|6|2| |26 Mar|2|1|0|0|0|0|52|0| |27 Mar|2|1|0|0|170|90|4|2| |29 Mar|2|1|0|0|100|100|7|1|

|March 2023 Total Sum |39 packs||||3.037|2.925|1.315|67| |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|

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For tonight giveaway, we have 20 participants: @alexisgr93, @davideownzall, @imfarhad, @circlebubble, @thebighigg, @fredkese, @henruc, @kryptofire, @pulubengdugs, @epearson, @ieronimus, @jfang003, @qumao, @wazock, @blitzzzz, @rtonline, @ladymisa, @arveno, @vaynard86, @pero82, @olaf.gui


Congrats to @pero82 and @olaf.gui on winning 1250 starbits each of you today.


Thank you to all participants, and I hope you guys keep supporting this event by participating in the next one.

List of Winners

|Date|Round|Winner|Remarks| |-|-|-|-| |1 Mar|#173|davideownzall|-| |1 Mar|#173|rtonline|-| |2 Mar|#174|ladymisa|-| |2 Mar|#174|henruc|-| |3 Mar|#175|coquicoin-leo|-| |3 Mar|#175|danideuder|-| |4 Mar|#176|supriya.gupta|-| |4 Mar|#176|ladymisa|2nd time| |5 Mar|#177|nietokilll|-| |5 Mar|#177|danideuder|2nd time| |6 Mar|#178|arveno|-| |6 Mar|#178|ianballantine|-| |7 Mar|#179|jfang003|-| |7 Mar|#179|wazock|-| |8 Mar|#180|supriya.gupta|2nd time| |8 Mar|#180|alexvan|-| |9 Mar|#181|operahoser|-| |9 Mar|#181|pulubengdugs|-| |10 Mar|#182|ladymisa|3rd time| |10 Mar|#182|blitzzzz|-| |11 Mar|#183|adysscheryl|-| |11 Mar|#183|davideownzall|2nd time| |12 Mar|#184|ieronimus|-| |12 Mar|#184|henruc|2nd time| |13 Mar|#185|danideuder|3rd time| |13 Mar|#185|vaynard86|-| |14 Mar|#186|thebighigg|-| |14 Mar|#186|olaf.gui|-| |15 Mar|#187|jfang003|2nd time| |15 Mar|#187|circlebubble|-| |16 Mar|#188|kryptofire|-| |16 Mar|#188|olaf.gui|2nd time| |17 Mar|#189|imfarhad|-| |17 Mar|#189|arveno|-| |18 Mar|#190|diochen|-| |18 Mar|#190|alexvan|2nd time| |19 Mar|#191|stonemountain69|-| |19 Mar|#191|henruc|3rd time| |20 Mar|#192|blitzzzz|2nd time| |20 Mar|#192|fredkese|-| |21 Mar|#193|pulubengdugs|2nd time| |21 Mar|#193|qumao|-| |22 Mar|#194|jfang003|3rd time| |22 Mar|#194|rtonline|2nd time| |23 Mar|#195|thebighigg|2nd time| |23 Mar|#195|ladymisa|3rd time| |24 Mar|#196|qumao|2nd time| |24 Mar|#196|blitzzzz|3rd time| |25 Mar|#197|olaf.gui|3rd time| |25 Mar|#197|epearson|-| |26 Mar|#198|kryptofire|2nd time| |26 Mar|#198|davideownzall|3rd time| |27 Mar|#199|imfarhad|2nd time| |27 Mar|#199|ladymisa|4th time| |28 Mar|#200|henruc|4th time| |28 Mar|#200|vaynard86|2nd time| |29 Mar|#201|pero82|-| |29 Mar|#201|olaf.gui|4th time|

divisores-14 - nane-qts.png


PRIZE / REWARDS : 1250 Starbits for 2 player

Rule of Participation :

  • Leave any comment below (any will do, no specific format, no need to tag username unless it is different username for Rising Star Game)
  • Bots can't win (sorry LoL bot, Potato bot, Pizza bot, and other bots πŸ˜‚ )
  • One person one entry
  • There is no specific Cut off time, this giveaway will last from 12 to 48 hours. I will leave a comment such as Time's Up or It's a Wrap when the time is over.
  • I will use sentipl's Hive random comment picker to pick the winner.
  • Upvote is not a requirement but will be greatly appreciated
  • You don't have to follow me to get into the next giveaway, my giveaways always be listed in official Today's Rising Star Giveaways
  • I don't make any strict rule, but please don't push your luck by doing cheats or outsmarting rules
  • Whether you win or not, you must have fun from this Giveaways

The winner will be announced on the next post, STARBITS EVERY NIGHT !!! #203.

divisores-14 - nane-qts.png


If you haven't got any Rising Star Game Account, you can register it here

@risingstargame : for everything we have here Nane-qts : for her wonderful Rising Star divider sentipl : for his Hive random comment pic