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Hello HiveLearners! Today's blog is going to be fun as you will get a chance to have a deep dive into my hive holdings. Keep this in mind I rarely take even liquid amounts out of Hive if I do it's related to hive work (currently I need 300$ laptop) or off-chain holdings.

Let's start with Layer 1 wallet:

As you can see this 0.308 Hive came for IndiaUnited Delegation or dividend token holders. I hold dividend tokens that's a no brainer but why only I delegate to IndiaUnited is because Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are not much different in culture and I delegate to IndiaUnited so I can get access to post promotion channel which is only allowed after you delegate 100 HP. So I delegate not because of the APY but because I want to connect with the Indian audience through post-promotion channel access. I sometimes use this liquid amount to either buy splinterlands assets or buy dividend tokens.

As you can see above I have 683.64 HP and I received 2480.39 HP as a delegation (we will dive into incoming delegations later). The thing to note here is I have been here for around a year and I never did power down nor do I have any plans to do a power down. The no power down thing is really a BIG deal as it shows how much I believe in the ecosystem.


As you can see I delegated 100 HP to IndiaUnited which I already explained is just a gateway to reach the Indian audience post promotion. 30 HP is delegated to my other account dlmmqb.oneup. Why I made a new account? Well, it's because I got a delegation because of my work of:

Instead of I did this from my account I decided to make a new account and ask for delegation there. I never sold any oneup (We will get more into this later).

You might have noticed I got a lot of delegations it's because these people understand and support what I do for hive. They know I get less time on the front stage as I am working backstage most of the time. This work is volunteer work and I sometimes don't get time to post. So, to support me they decide to delegate some HP as they understand what I have to deal with each day. Also, I rarely delegate to others as my work is sometimes around botnets and identity theft so it's naturally harder for me to trust people. For example, out of 100000 accounts, only 18 were real (this is data of a specific group). When you spend most of your time backtracking it's psychologically harder to delegate to a new user.

This is my HBD saving, I previously withdraw 130$ and put it into the liquidity of bnb/btc. I need around 300$ in total to upgrade my tech so I can work much more than my current capacity. So 72+130 is still not 300$ because I don't wanna sell all my assets to get something that boosts my work but still eat all my sources of compounded income. It's not worth selling my assets but it's still a very important need of mine. The way to reach there is slow grinding. So whatever I get before in liquid was used to buy income-generating assets but now it goes to the laptop saving fund.

Yes, you saw that figure correctly. I do hold a lot of things.

My largest holding is in cartel. I never sold them when we had a crazy ride of 1$ to half a dollar hive while cartel from 10$/10 hive to 3$/6 hive so why would I sell now? Makes no sense when I get vouchers and WOO in dividends also I love the place and project. Come and have a look, maybe you also fell in love with the project CARTEL DISCORD.

I had a goal to reach 100 EDSMM in my mind and look I reached 101.4. I hold them as they pay me in EDS and 1 EDS is 1 hive. The time I hold it I get hive in dividends and when I need some quick bucks to invest like buying a CL pack I just sell them. My plan is to not sell EDSMM as long as I can and sometimes sell my EDS to buy more EDSMM too.

The BRO you see here is not mine as I only have 1 BRO while 9 were given to me as an interest-free loan. Why I wanted 10 BRO is because I wanted this shiny badge:


So, the plan here is to buy the laptop and slowly buy my own BRO and return the loan.


Now things will get spicy because when it comes to Splinterlands I go bullish. An APE who wanna go all in. So, instead of talking about SPT, I am gonna talk about splinterlands assets. If you are new to splinterlands then you can create an account using my link to support me Referral Link. Anyways, every product needs marketing and splintertalk frontend/outpost got us covered with #spt with rewards in spt. You might be seeing oh that's 23$ and why not sell it. The thing is it's far more valuable than that for multiple reasons for example monster-curator vote was 25$ in spt which is now only 4$. This is because of a lack of utility. We got airdrop points for holding or delegating to mosnter-curator so people actually pump it. Now we have only NFTs that can be bought with spt. People would have bought these collectibles but the splinterlands audience is more into playable NFTs then just jpeg with their ownership rights. If they had merchandise rights then It would be another story. Here is a look into the current utility (of course other than curation):


I believe in the future SPT will have much more utility and by then it would have been too late to get them. Currently, I delegate all my spt to "monster-curator" to get back passive income in spt and let the magic of compounding work. It is the bear when you make money not the bull. So, it would be not the right move to ignore a sleeping giant. I already can't buy plots and many GFLs so why not just let the giant sleep and feed to grow slowly and when it will roar the world will see.

Splinterlands is currently in maintenance so can't share a screenshot of SPS but I do hold around 300 SPS and my mind is 1 SPS is 1 SPS as it's a governance token. If you have seen axieinfinity governance token, It reached around 126$ (these are just figures I know in mind, might be inaccurate) so when SPS will reach 1-5$ it will not be a surprise for me. Since wealth is accumulated in a bear market so why sell something for 30$ when I can sell it for 300$ or more? I am fine with the food on the table, not worrying about spending.

Here you can see My cards are worth around 100$ but did you know I have 25$ card sitting at 3$ and a 10$ card sitting at 1$. So, same as in the SPS case, 1 card is equal to one card I get around 100-500 DEC per day in rent and I use them to buy more cards. Hope so one day with the magic of compounding it will be a healthy amount in renting income as currently, I have no plans to sell any card. BUY and RENT!

I actually bought 1000 SCV since the day it was released. It's a deflationary token with SPS in dividends. Cartel has around 3 licenses approx and SCV is much more focused on licenses. So I am not only holding my SPS but going a little further to get my hand on license tokens to generate more SPS. You might hear x amount of SPS get burned. With 1 SPS as 1 vote in governance, I don't wanna give up on my right to vote. Also if SPS reaches the success of axieinfity governance token then? A lot of people r gonna be rich. Instead of selling them for a coffee now why not wait for 5 years or even more to get a car? I don't consider it a bad deal and a gift from my past self to my future self. Let the numbers compound.

Bee is the backbone of hive-engine. I hold multiple tribe tokens and delegate them to cartel to get dividends in the same token when they share curation rewards daily.

My notifications look like this because I delegate:

spt to "monster-curator" oneup to "oneup-curator" leo to "leo-curator" ctp to "ctp-curator" cine to "cine-curator" bee to "bee-curator" creativecoin to "ccc-curator" weed to "weed-curator" vibes to "vibes-curator" meme to "meme-curator" stem to "stem-curator" pimp to "pimp-curator" thg to "thg-curator" sports to "sports-curator" beatcz to "beatcz-curator" vyb to "vyb-curator" pob to "pob-curator" neoxag to "neoxag-curator" palnet to "pal-curator" cent to "cent-curator" fun to "fun-curator"

I delegate because when we upvote not all get curation rewards but from cartel smart voting I enjoy better dividends while helping all tribes. There were times when pob, pimp, spt continuous downfall made me think twice to sell but I am a long game player and got over it with shortfalls. I hope it all shoots up to the moon in the end. Even if they don' I am happy to contribute to topic-specific tribes.

I am collecting 5000 PGM as then I can give satoshi, rs, aliveminer and many others in PGM tip command. I am most interested in alive miner as it gives alive and alive gives bro and lolz.

I want to hold 512+ lolz as after that my dividends will start but I am not gonna buy them. They have discord where you tell a joke and if your joke is new to lolz bot database then you get 5 lolz. All the lolz you see here are mostly from saving tips or getting lolz by jokes. I am not in a hurry on this one as I wanna compound it while laughing.

PIZZA is worthy of mention as you get good apy as staking rewards and I actually buy 10 pizza weekly for trivia tips so I see a usecase. Also after getting 10000 pizza I can participate in Pizza discord giveaways without text requirement. Sometimes they even drop 1 awesome cartel there too. Not in a hurry but on my goal list.









I can talk about all these individually but shortly I wanna invest 100$ in each of them to start the magical snowball effect. Just pick one for example INDEX which pays in multiple token then I can invest those APE into game and SIM into game too to make more APE and SIM.

Let's look into risingstar too. I do play this game, first of all it's free to play so if you are new to rs then use my referral link of risingstar to support me.

I will not say much about risingstar other then I hold TURTLE NFT in risingstar:


They are only 100 in print and When I got it, it was 80 hive then 125 and now 145. I am not gonna sell it unless it's an emergency because I believe it's still cheap.

I get around 500-1500 starbits per day and open 10000 starbits packs which contain 3 nfts. Maybe you get lucky just by 1 click a day?

SEE HOW MUCH FOMO I HAVE? Why sell when there is too much more to buy? Hivepunks, splinterlands plots and much much more!