Cannabis Advocates Push For Cannabis Tax Reform After Security Failure

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a year ago - 2 minutes read

At what point does a failure in service prompt a refund?

Cannabis is taxed significantly higher around California than many other types of businesses.

Cannabis dispensaries in places like Oakland California have said they are essentially under attack recently with a string of burglaries and there are allegations that there isn't enough being done as far as security to help protect those businesses.

This is turning into one of the worst places to buy cannabis as far as price and security goes.

Previously, Oakland Council had voted to reduce some of those taxes for certain cannabis businesses etc, but they didn't seem to be any rush to do it and those changes were expected to be implemented slowly and over several years.

The attempt at reform previously to try and reduce price isn't good enough, meanwhile patients and other cannabis customers suffer with those high prices.

If their intention was to introduce a legal market to weed out the black market they certainly aren't going to do that in this manner by keeping prices high.

Taxes on cannabis in Oakland California have been found to be more than 400%+ higher than those taxes on other products like guns or ammo.

This market has been unfairly discriminated against this way with officials thinking it is more justified to issue excessive fines to cannabis customers. This means seniors, veterans, patients, and all others who look to buy from this market.

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